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The Castle Lucard Lucard Industries

Questions and Answers about Lucard and "Dracula: the Series"
List of "Dracula: the Series" episodes with plot summaries
Cast and crew: credits, comments, Geordie Johnson, & other roles
A quick list of guest characters with actor credits
How to find the two-disc DVD set
Lucard trivia and Lucard's noteworthy quotations
Pilgrimage to Luxembourg: trip reports, site photos, etc.
Inside Info from Bedard, Lalonde, Stu Woolley & Bernard Behrens!
Second-season episode outlines and comments from readers
Ideas and Observations: musings and reviews
Ideas and Observations: reference lists
"Dracula: the Series" fan fiction: 30 stories
"Dracula: the Series" survey results
How to join the "Lucard List" e-mail discussion list for fans
Particularly Spiffing Links: other "Dracula: the Series"-related sites
News: RIP Bernard Behrens

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