Key to the Castle -- Double Cross

Joy-Lyn's Key to the Castle (everyone has one):

Creepy Sexton! Dang he was good!

Things of particular note in this episode. Max should NEVER be permitted to wear blue jean shorts ever again. Sophie was at least tolerable, if still uninteresting and unnecessary in this episode.

Lucard looks sexy on an exercise bike. I know he doesn't need to work out, but all that equipment fits in with the caricature of the super-successful yuppie CEO life that he's cultivating.

As it is unlikely that all his employees are vampires, it looks better to the passing administrative assistant for him to be on the bike, rather than, say, roosting upside down from the office ceiling. Besides, Lucard makes it very clear in the series that he lives to indulge in his senses. And the bike is a nice rhythmic activity that has an almost soothing sound when it's running. I can see why he'd like that. I know I was loving the rolled up sleeves! "Oh Lucard! You've been so busy! Let me loosen your collar for you too...."

Oops. I need to save the daydreaming for later… on with the review!

I thought Gustav's referring to Max's "earmuffs" (headphones) was a cute touch. Though the "reading is fun" lecture reminds me of those life improvement commercials celebrities sometimes do to give the impression they care about everyone.

As adorable as I find Lucard, the limo scene went a touch far. Being able to tell the time of day by looking at the sky? Super cool. The camera being on Lucard while his smile progresses from amusedly menacing to hysterically goofy? Not cool.

Anna and Peter made for decent guest characters. Though they don't have much screen time, their characters are well rounded and developed, as opposed to Sophie's character. Which says something about her continued lack of real direction in the series. Though I did like the earrings she was wearing in this episode, you cannot base a personality around the ability to accessorize tastefully.

We get a glimmer of the Max/Lucard odd relationship in this episode. The bit with the baseball was actually endearing, just as Max smacking the baseball dust into Lucard's face was decent situational comedy.

Chris didn't have much in the way of personality in this episode either. Except as Max's foil, and as a means of reminding the viewer that some European customs, such as men smooching other men's cheeks, are very "foreign" to Americans (done somewhat rudely actually, as Chris is obvious about his displeasure while the guests are still present).

We get an inkling of how lonely Gustav's life is, as any friends he cultivates are potential victims Lucard can and will use against him. His having this knowledge leads me to wonder why extra care was not taken with Chris and Max's mother Eileen, especially as her line of work makes her an undeniably obvious target for Lucard.

And the end of the episode seems to indicate that Max needs glasses. He holds that book way too close to his face.

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