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Joy-Lyn's Key to the Castle (everyone has one):

Okay, any time you have science and religion trying to step together on the same matter, you are bound to hit a few snags. Vampires are amazing for plot subjects, but you put vampires with science and religion both on equal "footing," and it just doesn't work. You can have biological explanations for vampirism... and so science works just fine, or you can go the "damned unto god" route, and so religion works. You just cannot do both. After all... what is supposed to be the scientific explanation for why crucifixes work on vampires anyway?

Since this series has already established (via "working" crucifixes and "holy" water) that religion is the working weapon, to have science step in and be the buffoon... okay, fine. I believe there have been vampire movies that played the opposite side of that coin, with a religious person shoving a cross in a vampire's face, and the vamp looked at them like they were the biggest idiot ever. But when the science turns out to be a functional offense against vampires too (delayed action vampire gun) in this series, now we've just got too many players on the field in my opinion. But that's just me. And "science" should never involve, as its working component... gold tin foil, but I digress.

The Sophie & Chris subplot date actually was pretty cute. The by-play during the video game was enjoyable... and for the sake of Sophie's character... really should have been drawn out over a few episodes. Because her one purpose (it seems) for being in the show as Chris's love interest, they really progress too far in this one episode for what seems to be a cooling of the ardor depicted in following episodes to be interesting, or believable. Too much too soon in this one episode, in other words. And if you ignore the pilot episode, you can kinda bypass the problem of figuring out Sophie's age. The pilot made her seem older by default of her staying with Gustav for easier access to school as though she were a boarder in his house. The rest of the series goofs this idea all up as the series makes it clear over time that Sophie is Gustav's ward and he has legal authority over her. Which of course makes her more appropriate age-wise for Chris.

Gustav's reaction to Dr Smythe is quite funny really. He was actually pretty tolerant seeing as this man enters his home, calls his methods old fashioned, and then destroys a 300 year old vase. I'd have thrown him out. Gustav merely decides to have fun with the guy at his expense.

As for the vampires in daylight issue regarding the super sun screen. I would imagine that age plays an immediate factor in how well vampires tolerate sunlight. And sunlight varies of course. Cloudy days could mean younger vampires could expose themselves limitedly, while a vampire as old and powerful as Lucard can walk about outside on a bright sunny day. As for the effects, they do show. Two vampires of note. Lucard himself, for a vampire has a pretty good tan. And then the Contessa in a later episode, I noted the sharp contrast of skin tone between her and Sophie as they walked together... the Contessa is downright crispy.

I imagine if you tossed a fledgling vamp out in broad daylight in the reality of DTS, he would slowly burn up in a way that might offer them time to reach shelter and live, but would definitely be very noticeable in public. For a businessman like Lucard, this higher sensitivity of his newly made vampire corporate raiders poses a very serious problem. Namely all the major financial moving and shaking that happens during daylight hours. Hence the need for a damn good sun screen. Lucard doesn't have the patience to wait for his vampires to become more daylight tolerant on their own (no indication how long that would take), and he cannot afford to.

I absolutely LOVE that unhurried stalking walk Lucard has! His slow pursuit of Dr. Smythe around his laboratory really is a treat! I've got to learn to do that!

Chris and Sophie's attempts to hide from Max are very cutely done... particularly as all their effort is fruitless. But it is quite funny anyway.

And before I forget, I really liked the moment in Lucard's office at the beginning of the episode when he is prepping to "promote" that chemist. The way Lucard turns and shows those eyes. Hot and deadly at the same time. I find it interesting that the effects and makeup at this point in the show seem to give Lucard an almost serpentine appearance.

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