Key to the Castle -- Get A Job

Joy-Lyn's Key to the Castle (everyone has one):

Okay. Not exactly one of my favorite episodes, but there were worse (I'll get to those in their own time).

Not that it's impossible, but it seems slightly off for Chris to be lovestruck by a woman who looks almost the same age as his own mother. True, guys go for older women, but they don't usually go for momma's age group. Not while they themselves are still teens anyway.

Max is being annoyingly ridiculous in this episode. The Private Investigator. Jr. thing is less than cute, bordering strongly on the exasperatingly unbearable. How the guy playing Capt. Wolf was able to sit across from this kid without wanting to smack him during the "listing of Lucard's movements," I'll never know.

That and Max makes a comparison that makes little sense. He says: "Einstein would have been proud" as a sarcastic remark towards Chris and Sophie's following through on their own investigative hunch. Einstein was a brilliant scientist... but a criminal detective or private investigator he was not... so the sarcastic comparison really falls flat. Something like "Sherlock Holmes would have been proud" would have made much more sense.

And isn't Max supposed to be somewhat bright? His "photo evidence" of Lucard absolutely isn't. Surely even he could see that. You take a picture of three people, and only two of them are in the picture, how do you prove to anyone else the third person was there? You can't, and even a ten year old should be able to recognize that little problem.

And they chose to play up Chris's ignorance of art way too much. The "Venice Landfall" is referred to repeatedly enough as being a singular work frequently enough, that when Chris asks "How many copies were made?" it comes off as being the words of someone who is doing their best to be as dumb as humanly possible. Such people shouldn't be permitted driver's licenses. Ever.

Sophie finally starts coming across as being somewhat cultured and intelligent. It's about time Soph.

Lucard was positively delicious in this episode! So many good shots of him looking nummily poised! Interesting to note... when Lucard turns into a dog, the crucifix no longer affects him. Also funny... Dracula has metal fillings! You'd think a show that would spend so much time focused on Geordie Johnson's mouth would see fit to fix that in editing. Ah well. Just an awful lot of bumbling around in this episode, at least on the part of the characters that are still warm-blooded.

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