A Couple of Points -- Get A Job

My Aesthetic Desires May Overrule My Financial Wisdom

As plots go, "Get a Job" is rather pedestrian. Chris needs to get a summer job, and applies to be a bike courier for an art gallery. Is this something his mother or Uncle Gustav told him to do? Chris's character doesn't seem the type to volunteer for work.

This episode is really the only point in the series where he steps out on his own. He doesn't actually develop any as a character: no hidden talents or secrets about him come to light. Chris really is the monkey-in-the-middle with nothing to do, and Joe Roncetti had to play him that way.

He's seriously attracted to the pretty girl living with him. What a leap for a sixteen-year-old boy. But her attraction to him waxes and wanes more often than the moon.

Chris is stuck in the home of his retired (great) uncle all summer long for the stated purpose of seeing his globe-trotting mother more often. He's a teen stranded without his friends in a foreign country. No wonder he always seems to be having such a good time.

"We'll probably never see old captain overbite again!" This statement is probably Chris's most fervent wish—other than to go home. Nowhere in the series does he take an overt interest in going vampire hunting. No wonder: his kid brother loves it.

"He's had about 900 years to bone up on the subject." This comment by Max regarding Lucard's age is seriously exaggerated. The historical Dracula lived in the 15th century. Yet later on in the series a coffin is found bearing the name Vlad Tepes, the name of the real Dracula.

This is really the only time where someone neglected to do a minute's research, and had the wunderkind gets his fact flat out wrong. In the face of his Dracula worship, it's tough to believe that Max would forget how old Lucard really is. Gustav inspired a love of reading in him, but then again maybe the boy has the memory of a goldfish.

By this point in the series, Chris must be wailing on the inside about Lucard being a vampire. If Lucard wasn't, he could go visiting at the castle and catch a glimpse of his familiar milieu via satellite. But one must wonder how sympathetic Lucard would actually be.

When Dracula was 16 his father and brother were assassinated. He went from being the spare heir to crown prince, only politicking put a distant cousin (confusingly also named Vlad) on his throne. For nearly a decade he fought to reclaim it, with nothing but a defunct title to support him.

"My mother says I have no ambition. I can get her to put that in a letter if you want." The only time Chris actively fights for anything is when his life or love life is on the line. It's easy to see why Lucard ignores him—except as a target.

"To defeat Lucard, we must first understand his financial empire." Gustav says this in an effort to galvanize the children into studying Lucard Industries. What is he really trying to do?

Chris is utterly bored here, and happily runs off to his summer job to escape it. Sophie's on the couch. Who knows what she's really reading? Presumably she was given a similar pep talk when Gustav found out Lucard's true identity.

"We can make it more interesting for you to work, Max." Despite his inclusive dialogue, Gustav is aiming at Max. If his indoctrination works as he hopes it will, Max will become his successor.

For whatever reasons, he's decided Sophie is an unacceptable heir. She may not be a blood relative. Her main interest is music. And she's a girl. It's sexist, but true that she gets different treatment.

Seeing as Klaus was a bust, Max is just what Gustav needs. He doesn't stop the boy's hero worship of Lucard. And if he can fine tune it a bit, Max will start automatically interfering with his nemesis. For example, darting onto a tarmac where Lucard is standing there talking to people, in the daytime.

Gustav is most likely hoping that Lucard is going to trip up and alienate Max. He doesn't necessarily find out about all the times Lucard spares Max. And Gustav himself spares Lucard on a few occasions, flying in the face of his own stated goals.

All these actions are bound to confuse Max sooner or later, as Lucard is no doubt betting. They will throw Gustav's flaws—and the cracks in his perspective, into stark relief. They will make Max vulnerable to Lucard in ways that Gustav obviously doesn't suspect. Lucard will win against Max by simply not lifting the finger it would take to kill him.

As with Max, we can see the direction Chris is going. He will go back to the states, finish high school, maybe go to college, and putter around from one job to another. The whole time he will wait for his brilliant musical career to get going.

By the time he realizes it won't, he'll have a wife, a house in the suburbs, and children. But nowhere does that include Lucard or vampires. Not unless Lucard opts for some collateral damage.

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