A Couple of Points -- I Love Lucard

Death By Publicity

Unlike most Drac fangirls out there, most of who seem to be responsible for the American Legion of Mary Sues that fall desperately in love with Lucard every other fanfiction, I like Margo Burton. Maybe that one hideous, mint green dress is supposed to be something her husband bought her and she wore it to remind her of him. If so, then I agree with Lucard: death to Lance Burton.

Death to the enemies of the Republic! It's the worst political system in the world, except for all the others. But definitely kill Lance Burton. He's such a freak that he refuses to use a computer.

This episode is such a wacky little parody of "Casablanca." When Sophie references the last scene of the movie in "My Girlfriend's Back..." it's pretentious. But here it manages to be funny, especially when Lucard catches on to what they're all doing and quotes the last line at Max. I knew that little blonde, blue-eyed brat was a Nazi collaborator all along.

"Later, I began to dig for evidence. And now I have Vampires Among Us." As with Arthur Bauer in "The Vampire Solution," Lance Burton is an (apparently Australian) former student of Gustav's. It's curious that Gustav is already warning him away from Lucard prior to hearing about the 'invitation.' How does Gustav actually feel about general public enlightenment on his favorite subject?

His son is a free agent again at this point in the story. Does he really think Klaus might be in danger if vampires are exposed? Or is he thinking of his own personal safety and reputation if Burton publishes?

Did Margo tip off Lucard about the book? How else could he learn of the subject of a book this Unabomber-style lunatic with a death wish is writing? And what could she see in Lance Burton? What could she possibly see?

How did these two crazy kids meet? "Elective Affinities" by the oft-imitated Sarah T. fills in part of the gap. It does make sense if Gustav, attempting to catch up with Klaus, reveals Lucard's nature to Margo. And then he conveniently introduces her to his student later on. But Gustav doesn't necessarily have to know Margo beforehand.

If I were writing an exposé book that included figures on par with Lucard, I might not use "computers or Xerox machines" either. But I would see to it that there were a dozen or so copies in safe places. Yes, I might go visit an old professor of mine and speak with him about it, especially if he's in a position to be helpful. But I'd be blasting a stereo at the street and checking his house for bugs first. Maybe there's a missing scene.

Also interesting is that Lance knowingly puts Margo's life in danger by telling her all about his book on real vampires. "Lance, I need a moment." He just walks away, leaving her with Lucard? Did he know? Did he get lost in the castle and wind up peeking through a door just as they're kissing? Did she tell him?

Did she stay on the plane? We'll never know, but there's one thing we do know for certain. "I never thought I needed anyone to complete me." And Mary Sues aside, we agree.

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