"Dracula: the Series" DVDs

"It's a series that's got life... eternal life!" As of October 5, 2004, "Dracula: the Series" has been released on professional DVDs. It's a two-disc set with 11 episodes on the first disc and 10 on the second one. I never in a million years thought this would happen, but it's true! (Click on covers to see large-size scans.)

The quality is surprisingly good. The menus are kind of cheesy, but the episodes themselves have nice dark blacks, deep colours, and sharp images. The sound is very clear with a good volume level. The covers aren't too bad either, considering!

Amazon.com lists the DVDs, and as of now (2006) they appear to still be available. Here are the discs as listed, with almost no information, on Amazon: Volume 1, Volume 2, and packaged together as a set. You can also search for copies up for bid on eBay. (Overpriced, but if you can't find them elsewhere, probably worth it!) Best Buy also carried the discs in their stores when they first came out.

Update: A reader writes that she ordered the DVDs from Video Universe (Volume One and Volume Two) and they arrived three days later. Cheaper than Amazon, too! Other readers have found them at Fry's Electronics store and Borders. Another visitor writes that they are available from Barnes & Noble, for home delivery only.

Update, 6/2006: Netflix is carrying the series now! Red-letter!!

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