Lucard's Castle Interiors

Castle Interiors -- List and commentary by Sarah T.

"I bet even Lucard gets lost in here!"--Chris, "A Little Nightmare Music"

"You know the way out."--Lucard, "A Little Nightmare Music"

The great hall. Gustav gives this name to the room in "Klaus Encounters." The room is largely square, but a quarter of the way into the room on the right-hand side a wall runs outward at a slant before turning and completing the square, adding a semi-trapezoidal space. The only time we get a panoramic view, so to speak, of the room is in the pilot, and I am not sure that it is, in fact, the same set as the one used for the rest of the series; it seems too large and too rectangular. The chief architectural features of the room are the fireplace, which is large with a stone mantelpiece, the tall, broad wooden staircase opposite it, and the recessed, leaded-glass windows (normally not curtained), which run along the left side of the room. The room is nearly bare of furniture. Lucard often but not invariably has two chairs (wooden, intricately carved, with red upholstery and armrests) and a small or medium-sized table placed in front of the fire. There are no fewer than six entrances to this room. There are two wooden, grooved, modern-looking doors on either side of the fireplace which lead into a further room that was never positively identified but must lie along one of the obvious routes out of the castle (Felix conducts Lawrence Lei through one of these doors in "Bats in the Attic"). There is a similar door in the "slanted" right-hand wall and another in the straight right-hand wall. The staircase, which follows the line of the wall and then turns towards the fireplace, comes down from another door, the most popular means of entrance to the room by unexpected guests. This door leads into the "main" hallway (see below). Beneath and to the right of the staircase is an open doorway. This doorway somehow leads to the middle door of the "second" hallway (see below). Lucard uses the room to receive guests ("I Love Lucard") and occasionally to entertain them at dinner ("My Dinner With Lucard"). He also likes to read there and so, apparently, does Klaus ("The Vampire Solution"), even though there is no obvious light source beside the firelight and moonlight.

The main hallway. This is a medium-sized, straight passageway lit by torches. It ends in a blind landing which leads into the staircase of the great hall ("The Vampire Solution"). In the middle on the right is another of the modern-looking doors, which apparently can be reached from the stairs leading out of the dungeon level ("The Vampire Solution"). May or may not be the hallway seen in "A Little Nightmare Music." Seen very frequently.

The second hallway. Uses the same set as the main hallway. The middle door leads to the doorway in the great hall ("Bad Blood"). Unknown where the landing leads. Seen only in "Bad Blood."

The third hallway. Also uses same set as the main hallway. Unknown where the landing leads, only that it cannot be the great hall ("Decline of the Romanian Vampire"). The dialogue implies that it is close to an entrance to the castle. Also unknown where the middle door leads. Possibly this is the same hallway seen in "Get a Job," in which case the middle door leads to the single door in the dining room (see below).

The dining room. Probably in the east wing of the castle ("Get a Job"). A rectangular room with a fireplace and windows similar to those in the great hall, but normally curtained (black and white valances, red panels). "Cozy!" said Amber Santana. "Isn't it?" Lucard agreed. It is relatively small, but quite long. Contains a dining room table (shaped like two coffins) and a long wooden sideboard. The best view is in "My Fair Vampire." There are three doors; two in the wall next to the table, and one in the wall to its left. Given the doors and their placement, I suspect that this is a reuse of the great hall set, only foreshortened. The door in the wall connects to the third hallway ("Get a Job") and should also be the nearest route to the kitchen ("My Fair Vampire"). In addition to natural light, the room is lit by two chandeliers, plentiful candles, and, most oddly, one of the tall silver "light columns" normally appearing only in Lucard's office ("Nightmare Music"). Lucard normally dines here with guests, and reads here in front of the fireplace in "Get a Job." Note that in "I Love Lucard" Lucard appears to be taking his breakfast elsewhere, on a tray--his bedroom? All that is visible are a couple of the red chairs, which hints at a great hall location, but it seems unlikely that Lucard would be in the hall in his shirt sleeves and the hall doesn't offer any advantages for dining in that I can think of. Besides, if they had wanted to establish that it was the great hall, they would have done so instead of using such a shortened shot to prevent our getting a glimpse of the room. Seen in a number of episodes.

The "electronics room." This is actually made out of the far end of the dining room, with a slightly raised floor. The windows are curtained in the usual fashion. It is the most modern-looking room in the castle and contains a slew of electronics equipment and recessed bookshelves. There is only one chair--rather anti-social of Lucard, no? Much as I hate to think that Lucard would be so vulgar as to have a television in his formal dining room, "A Little Nightmare Music" and "The Great Tickler" definitely establish that the rooms are immediately adjoining. Lucard watches television here. Seen in "Mind Over Matter," "Nightmare Music," and "Tickler." Mercifully, it is not seen in the dining room scenes of "I Love Lucard" or "My Fair Vampire."

The dungeon hallways. Deliberately shot as labyrinthine, so I can't map them. The action in "Sophie, Queen of the Night" is clearly meant to suggest that they are also very extensive. It is possible to fall into them from outside ("Sophie"). There is definitely a T-shaped section, which, judging by the clan's actions, leads to an exit in each direction ("Vampire Solution"). One of those exits is a staircase glimpsed only dimly which Max seems to have taken up to the main hallway, at one end of the T; the stem of the T leads to the stairs to the dungeon landing (see below, "Vampire Solution"). There is another hallway somehow connected to this T off of which lies the dungeon chamber (see below). Stone, lit by torches, often leaking badly. There are at least two levels, accessible by winding stairs ("Sophie"). Seen in "Sophie," "Damsel in Distress" and "The Vampire Solution."

The dungeon chamber. An unpleasant but spacious rectangular room littered with antiquated torture devices and lined with straw. Leaks and is "awfully musty." Only one door, although it changes from solid metal to barred, which connects to the dungeon hallways. No one ever bothers to lock this door from the outside, so perhaps it can't be done. Windows are implied on one wall but not seen ("Vampire Solution"); torches also provide lighting. Seen in "Damsel in Distress" and "The Vampire Solution."

The dungeon landing. Stone steps from the outside lead down to this landing, which is closed off with a barred metal gate, normally locked and chained. Stairs from the landing lead down and to the left to the dungeon hallways ("Vampire Solution"). Opposite the stairway to the dungeon is what looks like the beginning of a dry moat (it's quite deep, but there is no visible means of closing it off from the landing). Seen in "Sophie," "Damsel in Distress" and "The Vampire Solution."

The shrinking room. "I saw this in an old movie and I just had to have one," said Lucard. This room appears to be on the main castle levels, lying off an unspecified one of the hallways. A lion's head outside the door has eyes that light up when the room is operating. The operation is controlled by a remote which bears a disturbing resemblance to a pocket calculator. It's your typical shrinking room, armed with long metal spikes. No visible lighting source; locks from the outside. Seen only in "The Great Tickler."

Miscellaneous locations. --While racing through the castle in "Nightmare Music," the clan passes a bend in the hallway which contains a niche in which a bass violin is displayed on a light-colored cloth. --There is an exterior exit in "Get a Job" which is a normal-sized, wooden door; it is locked and cursed. It is unknown where it leads. --Mrs. Pfenning sets up her little "lab" in a cavern somewhere in the dungeons. --There is a tantalizing glimpse of an unknown room in "Bad Blood." We see is a tall dresser and a leaded-glass window in what appears to be a larger room, lit only by candles. To the left of the dresser a large niche opens in the wall, of which we see only the end; there appears to be some sort of cloth hanging down from it. Lucard is standing there, huddled in a blanket. Varney expects to find him there. Can this be a shot of Lucard's bedroom or another room in whatever apartments he's taken for himself?

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