The "Dracula: the Series" Cars

Lucard's sports car from "I Love Lucard." It is a dark teal BMW Z1 roadster with a cream interior. The coolest thing about this car, of course, is that the doors open by sliding downward.

Specifications on the Z1. A nice photo of a shiny red Z1.

According to Wheels magazine, "An 85,000DM price tag kept sales figures down, but [the Z1] was a great car to be seen in." That sounds like Alexander.

Lucard's limousine #1: a black Mercedes with white leather interior and a small flying rook motif flag. Has headrests in the back seat (Ep. 2, Ep. 3).

Lucard's limousine #2: a black Mercedes with no flag. May be the same as limousine #1, with flag removed (Ep. 5).

Eileen Townsend's car: a red Audi (Ep. 1).


As with everything else, the cars list is still in progress. I welcome any additional information. I myself don't know anything about cars. Many thanks to the person who told me the make of Lucard's roadster!

Gustav Helsing's car: a bright red CitroŽn 2CV, a.k.a. Deux Chevaux (first seen in Ep. 2). Gustav's car is also a convertible--the cloth roof rolls up like a sardine can. It's nifty. There are great views of Gustav's car in "Double Darkness" and "Klaus Encounters."

I took these photos of a car exactly like Gustav's (except that this one has tinted windows) which I saw parked in front of a Shell service station on the street where our hotel in Luxembourg city was located. (Note the "European Community"--rather than Luxembourgish--license plates.)

When my husband was inside the Shell station buying gas, the owner of the service station noticed my interest in the car, and, pointing outside at the vehicle I was photographing, said to Dean, "My car." The man did not know very much English, and Dean does not know French or Luxembourgish, but they managed to communicate enough for Dean to find out the name of the car and that it was 15 years old. I have as a souvenir a "Station Shell - Fournitures et/ou Services" receipt, on the back of which the man wrote "2 chevaux."

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