"Dracula: the Series" Cast and Crew

Regular Cast:

Alexander Lucard/Dracula: Geordie Johnson

Uncle Gustav Helsing: Bernard Behrens

Maximilian (Max) Townsend: Jacob Tierney

Christopher (Chris) Townsend: Joe Roncetti

Sophie Metternich: Mia Kirshner

Comments by the "Dracula: the Series" actors about the show:

Note: These quotes are taken from the publicity material I received from RHI Entertainment in 1991. I am merely a devotee of "Dracula: the Series" and am otherwise in no way connected with the show.

Geordie Johnson (Lucard):

Part and parcel of the Dracula mythology is his fatal attraction, if you will, for the living. Bela Lugosi was strickly horrific in the 1930's Hollywood film--he quite literally hypnotized his victims. On the other hand, "Dracula: the Series" was conceived as a non-violent, family-oriented program. The producers and I knew that we had to have a cunning new predator like an international capitalist who was appealing and witty yet unquestionaby the villain.

For me, Dracula represents death and evil, but he has a real desire to live, a life force. And he's Machiavelian in the ruthless ways he manipulates people in order to gain power. He's quite complex and fascinating.

As Dracula you can think thoughts and do things that you might ordinarily have to suppress--if you didn't want to get arrested!

Playing this new interpretation of Dracula has made me think about how different the world has become in the last 40 years. People just want more power and there is more power to be had.

Mia Kirshner (Sophie):

Sophie and I are very much alike in our interest in art, music and literature and we both play the viola. We both hate what Dracula stands for--he's bloodthirsty and doesn't care about anything but money and power. Even though Dracula is really a repellant character, people seem to find him very attractive.

I don't just want to play act Sophie. I want to be her. If I can't relate to what's happening in a heavy scene, for example, I might imagine someone close to me is in danger. That way the emotions are real.

The most difficult aspect of her role as Sophie Metternich, Kirshner says, is reacting to the special effects such as light emating from a cross or Dracula's vanishing into thin air. These are created in the editing room after the scene is shot. "You've got to be able to register emotions in a vacuum. It's hard to do, but it's good training."


Executive Producers: David J. Patterson and Robert Halmi, Jr.

Creative Consultant: Sandy Pearl

Executive Consultants: Glenn Davis and Bill Laurin

Story Editors: Phil Bedard and Larry LaLonde

Line Producer/Production Manager: Manon Bougie-Boyer

Executive in Charge of Production: Wendy Grean

Executive in Charge of Post-Production: Timothy Williams

Production Designer: Guy Lalande

Assistant Production Designer: Vlasta Svoboda

Director of Photography: Maris Jansons

Picture Editor: Bill Goddard

Music Supervisor: David Greene

Costume Designer: Paul Andre Geurin

Casting: Deirdre Bowen

Makeup: Tom Booth

Hair: Bob Pritchett

Special Effects: Performance Solutions

Stunt Coordinator: Daniel Verite

Visual Special Effects: John Gadjecki

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