"Dracula: the Series" Fan Fiction

This section of Lucard's Home Page showcases "Dracula: the Series" fan fiction. Neither I nor any of the authors intend any sort of copyright infringement; the "Dracula: the Series" characters do not belong to us, but we hope that we are doing them a compliment by caring enough about them to devote our time in this way. If you have comments about any of the stories, please send them to lpetix@dpcc.com and I will forward them to the author.

Due to time constraints, I will no longer be adding additional fan fiction on Lucard's Home Page, but there are several other sites which feature D:tS fanfic, so poke around on the Internet if you're craving more!

"Erlkoenig" by Sarah T.
A subtle, vivid scene of young Klaus' first encounter with Lucard. Truly frightening, and not to be missed.

"Domestic Tranquillity" by Sarah T.
This marvellously executed story captures the spirit of the series perfectly. Highly recommended.

"Transformation" by Angel A.
This luminous piece from new contributor Angel A. explores the question of how Lucard became a vampire.

"The Pirate Dracula" by Angel A.
What happens when your fear becomes your fantasy?

"Strawberries" by Grace G.
When Lucard has a craving for strawberries, he won't give up until he's satisfied... in more ways than one.

"Simple Pleasures" by Grace G.
Grace G. makes her debut in the fan fiction section with this wonderful piece concerning Max's encounter with Lucard on a summer's day.

"Elective Affinities" by Sarah T.
Klaus finds his place at Lucard's side threatened during their stay in New York.

"Old Vices Spent" by Sarah T.
In this superb story, a captivating woman from Lucard's past resurfaces. Will she be too much for him to handle?

"Matters of Family" by Faye Locke
Faye offers us the chilling story of a young woman whose gypsy blood becomes a liability when Lucard discovers its power.

"Bloodlines" by E. A. Haas
This story is delightfully fresh and interesting. Its loyalty to the style of the series, spot-on dialogue, and memorable guest character make it a must-read.

"Remembrance of Things Past" by the lady of shalott
On the evening of a business triumph which required every ounce of his self control to secure, Lucard reflects back to a savage incident he would rather forget. Warning: This story contains adult themes.

"House Call" by Sarah T.
Everyone's favourite family doctor, Gabor Varney, makes an emergency house call to his most difficult patient in this lighthearted fragment.

"A Cult Classic" by Steve C.
What really happened to Sophie's parents, and what is the cure for Lucard's mysterious illness? Only the Cievarian monks and Dr Varney know the full story.

"One for the Ages" by Steve C.
In this story set in the same timeline as "A Cult Classic" (available above), Gustav and the older kids go off to deal with a uniquely dangerous vampire, leaving Max alone and vulnerable to Lucard's new scheme.

"Adopted" by Michelle B.
This first-person account by Michelle B. is the story of a tomboy who, after a chance encounter with Lucard, is able to live out her latent fantasy.

"Deck the Halls" by Sarah T.
Max, Lucard, and... a snowman? A new Christmas vignette for 1998. Thanks, Sarah.

"Silent Night" by Laura W.
Hungry and alone on a cold night in December, Klaus receives an unexpected gift.

"Season's Greetings" and "No Refunds, Returns, or Exchanges" by Becky S.
Becky presented me with this pair of sharp little vignettes for Christmas 1996. If you can't handle being teased, read at your own risk!

"A Very Lucard Christmas" by Lacey M.
Lacey's imaginative takeoff on "A Christmas Carol" is a thoroughly delightful and fun read.

"For the Love of Lucard" by Susan R.
Susan's romance serial has lots of fans! Find out why.

"Lucard and Stoker's Dracula" by Susan R.
Klaus' surprise over Lucard's new investment leads Dracula to reminisce about the real story behind Bram Stoker's famous book.

"Lucard's Portrait" by Susan R.
At his annual Halloween ball, Lucard meets an artist who can fill the void left by his destroyed van Gogh.

"A Game of Chess" by Susan R.
Ten years after the series ended, the kids have grown up and have tried to get on with their lives, unaware of the dangerous game Lucard is playing with their heads.

"Gypsy's Curse" by Susan R.
Every time the full moon falls on a Friday the 13th, it is Lucard's curse to become mortal for one day. This time, he decides to make the most of it.

"The Man Who Looked Like Lucard" by Susan R.
When Lucard finds a mortal look-alike in a Russian gunshot victim, he is convinced that his troubles with the press are over.

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