"Gypsy's Curse"

Gypsy's Curse
by Susan R.

Warning: some material may be inappropriate for young readers. Contains mild sexual content and vulgar language.

Note from Susan: this is not linked to any of my other stories.

           Alexander Lucard sat in front of his large color TV enjoying every moment of the show. Finally, that pitiful Angel was back to being a truly evil vampire. Watch out Buffy, your boyfriend is not the same, he thought with a laugh when the commercial came on. After it was over, he turned off the TV and walked into his private office inside the castle. He glanced at the calendar hanging on the wall and flipped it over to March. Circled in red was Friday the 13th. Damn, why did it have to come this year?, he thought as he sat down.
           Alexander closed his eyes, wishing he could lift his own curse left by a dying gypsy as Angel had lost his by making love to a woman. It had been a cold January night in the slums of Paris back in the eighteenth century. Alexander had walked past a gypsy camp and glanced at a young lady walking alone. Her dress was torn and she appeared to be very cold.
           "Miss, let me help you," he said in French as he walked up to her and offered his coat.
           "I would rather not, sir," she said, walking away. "I will not be a gypsy whore to any of you Frenchmen again."
           "I'm not French. And I would never think of doing anything to you," he said with a smile.
           "Your charms don't work on me, sir. You may think I'm some poor mortal girl, but I know," she said looking right at him. "You are a creature of evil, a vampire."
           "Ahhh, a true gypsy. I could easily kill you without even trying to make a pass at you."
           "I wouldn't if I were you."
           Alexander started to laugh. "Don't tell me, you'll put a spell on me? M'dear, your beauty has already done that," he said as he looked into her eyes.
           "As does yours," she said with a smile. "But I will never give in to your charms."
           "Why not? Tonight is a full moon. I can very easily take away your coldness."
           "Yes, tonight is a full moon, isn't it? Tell me, vampire, do you like full moons?"
           "Yes; easier to hunt."
           "Then I curse you with this night," she said with a smile. "I know I can't escape you, for soon my willpower will give in to you, but as long as I'm still in control, I curse you with the full moon. For every thirteenth of Friday upon which a full moon falls, you will not be a vampire, but a mortal man. You will suffer as mortals suffer. You will feel the cold air and the pains us mortals feel."
           She then began to speak in a language even he did not know. This angered him for he did not know if such a curse could come true, but he wasn't about to find out. He grabbed the girl and sank his fangs deep into her neck.
           She began to laugh as she slowly died. "With my blood in you for eternity, you are now cursed Alexander! Cursed for eternity!"
           And indeed, he had been cursed. Alexander regretted killing her.
           "If I hadn't killed that bitch, the curse never would have come true. But she knew that I would get angered by her words and kill her."
           He remembered the first time it had happened. It was rare for a full moon to fall on Friday the 13th, as it was for it to fall on Halloween, but every so often it happened. It had begun when the sun rose that day. He felt strange and unable to even use his remote daytime vampire powers. Luckily for him, none of his enemies knew about the curse and he hid out as some average mortal man sitting in a church of all places.
           It had been one of the very few times he had sat in a church. Another night, he had cut himself accidentally with a knife and it had hurt worse than any wooden stake. He never even told Varney about the curse. After all, he couldn't trust anyone with this secret. If Helsing had ever found out, he could be killed for sure. After all, one didn't need a wooden stake, a simple handgun could do the trick.
           For centuries, he had tried to have the curse removed by some loyal Gypsies, but no luck. In the end, he would kill them out of anger and because they could use the information against him.
           I can't hide in a church this year, he thought. With my luck, Maximilian would come in and that would be the end. I might just pretend I'm still Alexander Lucard, the most powerful vampire on earth.

Tuesday February 24, 1998

           "Man, I love satellite TV," said Max as he sat down in front of the TV. "I get to see all of the cool shows back home as if I were there."
           "Oh Max, is that slayer show coming on?" asked Sophie. "Chris made me watch the movie, which was very stupid, but I hear the show is quite good."
           "Oh yeah, and Angel is supposed to kill one of Buffy's friends tonight."
           "Wait, wasn't she dating him? I thought he was a good vampire because of some curse."
           "They, well umm, slept together and that broke the curse. So now he is evil! For Valentine's Day, he gave Drucilla, another vampire, a person's heart. It was gross."
           "I think maybe I should take up kickboxing. It might make me a better vampire hunter."
           "You mean slayer," said Max as he turned up the volume.
           After the show was over, Sophie returned to her room. Although she preferred other means of exercise, she didn't mind using a punching bag or practicing a few kicks to a bag at the gym. Her mother had put her in martial arts when she was a girl and now she felt it was time to use those skills again. After all, she did once date a vampire who was still out there.

Wednesday, March 11

           Sophie looked at her watch and realized she was late for dinner. She had been reading a book at the library, the only place she could find peace from Chris and Max. She ran out of the building realizing that the sun had set. She walked fast past others until she reached her own street. She was almost to the house when she heard a voice.
           "Eternity without love is truly not worth living," he said.
           Sophie turned to see Vincent standing behind her. "Shit, of all the luck," she said quietly to herself.
           "Sophie, I have missed you. Has it been three years? Rumor has it you are not a vampire."
           "And I will never be one," she said as she started to run. It was useless because he was standing in front of her and caught her.
           "But Sophie, don't tell me you want to be with that American boy..."
           "Yeah, I do." Sophie kicked him in the leg and pushed him away. To her shock, the blow knocked him on the ground. As he began to stand up, she kicked him again, knocking him down. She watched as he laid on the ground looking up at her. She felt quite happy that she had actually kicked a vampire.
           Vincent stood up, ready to put up a fight, but before Sophie had a chance to kick him, someone grabbed him from behind.
           Sophie stood in shock as Lucard appeared, holding Vincent by the shirt.
           "I've been waiting for you to come back, Vincent," he said with a smile. "I've been waiting to pay you back for the hell you put me through."
           Sophie began to back up as she watched Lucard pull out a wooden stake. He plunged it into the young vampire's heart and, soon, all that remained of Vincent was a pile of ashes. She kept walking backwards, hoping to avoid a meeting with Lucard. He looked at her and smiled.
           "Don't worry, Sophie, I won't hurt you. After all, I think you've been working out. For this one night, I'll be your Angel," he said as he looked at her.
           Sophie felt as if her whole body had frozen as she stood there and watched him approach her and kiss her lightly on the lips. Lucard then vanished into thin air. Sophie blinked her eyes as she looked at the night. "Did I just dream that?" she asked herself.
           "Sophie?" she heard Max cry out. "You're late and we've been worried," he said as he came running up to her. "What happened? You look as if you saw a ghost."
           "Almost," she said. "Vincent returned and attacked me, but I came prepared. Just happened to have a stake handy. I think your TV show has inspired me."
           "Cool, let's go, 'cause I'm starving!"

Friday March 13, sunrise

           Alexander Lucard lay down on his large bed and pulled the covers over him. He just realized how cold he kept his castle. He had canceled any appointments at work and had given half of his staff the day off. He had decided to spend the day at his castle hidden away from everyone. His servants had been put into a day sleep which he had done while he was still a vampire and had complete control over their minds. He was truly alone in his castle. A part of him felt tired and in need of a nap, but the other part of him felt very hungry and too scared to sleep.
           Alexander stepped out of bed and put on a robe and slippers. "Damn, I need to get some heat in this castle," he said as he walked down the stairs that lead to the kitchen. He opened the large refrigerator and pulled out the milk. Since he didn't know how to cook anything, he decided to have a bowl of cereal. Luckily for him, there was actually some left over from one of the cooks he had hired.
           Alexander felt much better after he had eaten and walked into his TV room, turning on his TV. He flipped channels after being bored with all of the morning talk shows from Europe and America. He stopped on one of the channels and watched a commercial for a film company. It then hit him. I'm mortal and can be photographed!
           "I can get my picture taken and keep them for all those pesky newspapers to use in the future. Plus, the shock on Max's face if he ever found out. I remember the day he took those photos of me and tried to show them to that cop."
           Alexander rushed up to his bedroom and put on one of his finest suits.
           "Why should I stay locked up in my own castle as if a prisoner? I'll find some poor soul to photograph me. After all, everyone has a price," he said as he grabbed some of the cash that he had left in his wallet.
           He walked down to the garage and grabbed the keys to his green BMW and jumped in. If he was going to be mortal for a day then he damn well was going to make the most of it.
           Alexander pulled up to a parking space and got out. He walked around, looking at the various shops to get one of those film and camera in one. He had seen the tourists use them every summer and thought that would be perfect. He would go to a one hour lab and get the pictures developed. His only problem was trust. He had to trust that his payoffs would work. No one was to know that he was getting photographed. If any vampire would catch a glimpse, or even worse, one of those damn brats of Helsing's, he would be done for.
           Alexander spotted a young lady photographing his castle from the view of the village. 'Perfect', he thought.
           "Excuse me," he asked. "I find this castle very beautiful and was wondering if you could take some photos of me in front of it."
           "Umm, sure," she said.
           She took his little camera and took several. He had asked her to use up the whole thing but she insisted on taking some of the photos of him standing in front of a tree.
           "Thank you so very much," he said as he smiled and pulled out a hundred dollar bill. "For your trouble."
           "Oh, sir, it was no trouble at all. Please keep your money."
           "I insist, Miss-"
           "Call me Laura. I really don't need the money."
           "Consider it a bribe. I'm playing hooky from work today to enjoy this nice weather and I really don't want anyone to find out."
           "Okay, sure, if you insist. I never saw you. I don't even know your name."
           "Thanks," he said as he walked off. He almost said his name but realized that would not be a good idea. Now, he had to get to a lab and pay off someone else.
           After he left the store, he was surprised at how easy it was to still use his money. He didn't feel as helpless as he had thought.
           I may be mortal, but I'm still rich and powerful, he thought as he went back to get his photos. He would not look at them until he got in his car and drove off to a remote spot. He loved seeing his own image in color that had not been painted.
           To celebrate his great morning, Alexander decided to have lunch at a true American restaurant, McDonald's. He decided to get it to go in fear that someone may see him there. He ate his lunch back at his castle after changing into some more comfortable clothes. The weather was warm for the time of year that he decided to drive back to town with the top down and enjoy the wind blowing through his hair. He had heard great things about the new James Cameron film, and decided it was a perfect way to hide out.

           Sophie walked past the movie theater carrying her books to return to the library. She glanced at the green BMW and recognized it right away. I wonder if Lucard went to the movies, she asked herself. Nope, couldn't be. I'm sure he's sitting in his office plotting to take over the world. Curiosity got the best of her and so she walked up to the car and looked inside. She saw a cup from McDonald's sitting in the cup holder. Sophie started to laugh. "Lucard at McDonald's? Now I know I have the wrong car". She turned around, still laughing at the thought when she bumped right into a man. Her books fell all over the ground and the blow knocked him down too. She looked at the stranger she had bumped into, "I'm so sorry," she said as she looked at him. "Lucard?"
           "No apologies, Sophie. Let me help you get your books."
           Sophie just smiled. "Thanks but I can get them myself." Out of the corner of her eyes, Sophie caught Lucard's reflection in the side mirror of the car. She thought her eyes were playing tricks on her. As she watched him unlock his car, she could see his slight reflection on the side of the car. She pulled out the gold cross from around her neck and quickly undid the chain. She held it in her palm and called out, "Wait Alexander!"
           "Yes, Sophie?" he said as he turned to her.
           "Thanks for taking care of Vincent," she said as she held out her hand for him to shake. "Not that I'm saying there is a truce or anything."
           "I didn't do it for you," he said as he reached out and shook her hand. She saw him reach his hand back but no smoke was coming from it. "I have to go," he said as he got in his car. He almost ran over her as he pulled out of the parking lot.
           "No way. He can't be mortal," she said as she quickly picked up her books. After the other night, Sophie started using her mother's old car that had been left to her as a present for her eighteenth birthday. Instead of going home, she raced after Lucard's car and found it sitting in front of his castle.
           Alexander Lucard began to pace back and forth in the main hall. "Shit, now what am I suppose to do? I'm sure Sophie's telling everyone the great news."
           "No she's not," she said as she stepped into the room.
           Alexander jumped as he turned to see her. It was the first time he had ever been caught off guard. "Sophie?"
           "Is it true? Are you mortal?"
           "From sunrise this morning to sunrise tomorrow."
           "How? Why?"
           "And tell you my deep dark secret? What kind of fool do you think I am?"
           "You saved my life the other night. You didn't have to, but you did."
           "Well, I saved Max a couple of times, too. Big deal."
           "Yeah, but you never kissed Max, now did you?"
           Alexander watched as she walked up to him. She put her hand on his face.
           "You're warm," she said as she brushed her hand across his cheek.
           As a vampire, he thought she was desirable, but as a mortal, he found himself even more attracted to her.
           "Don't," he said as he kissed her hand.
           "I feel like Beauty discovering the prince under the beast. Why did this happen?"
           "Because of a curse brought by a young gypsy girl. It only lasts on Friday the thirteenth when there is a full moon."
           "And I didn't think those things could really happen to a vampire."
           "And of all vampires, it happens to me."
           "Yes, and you're like Angel, you have a soul."
           "Wrong. I could very easily kill you right now without my vampire powers." He grabbed her and looked at her. She was breathing heavily as she looked up at him. He glanced at her chest as she was breathing and could see the outline of her bra under her velvet blouse. He was beginning to feel more like a mortal man as he held her. He knew what he really wanted to do, but instead he pushed her away. "Go, get the hell out."
           "No. I want to watch the sun set and see for myself."
           "Fine, do as you wish. All of my servants are gone so just help yourself." He walked away and left her standing in the hall. He ran through the castle to his bedroom and locked the door. A part of him believed she would actually not use this opportunity to kill him, but he wanted to be on the safe side.
           Sophie pulled out her cellular phone and called home. "Max, tell everyone that I've got a date this evening."
           "What, with who?"
           "A guy I met today. Please, tell everyone I'm fine. I'll be home late this evening."
           "Soph, Uncle Gustav may not like it."
           "Max, I'm eighteen, I don't care," she said before hanging up the phone. A part of her could not believe she didn't tell them where she was. She knew Lucard was very vulnerable, and she felt like she should protect him. The guy has a soul somewhere inside of him. Margo saw it, and so did I, the other night.
           She walked through the castle and believed that there were no servants. When she was a vampire, she learned where all of the rooms where, and surprisingly she still remembered them all. Also, Lucard had never known that Gustav had given the children a skeleton key for them to have access to every room in the castle. Sophie found her way to Lucard's bedroom and listened for any noise. She slowly turned the key and peaked her head inside. The room was quiet and she could hear him sleeping. She walked into the room and looked at him sleeping on top of his wooden king-sized bed.
           "He sleeps," she whispered as she smiled at him. She thought back to when he held her earlier. She could see the desire in his eyes, and as much as she tried denying it, she wanted him to kiss her. Sophie knew she had been attracted to him for years. He was handsome, and a vampire. But now, even without his vampire charms to use on her, she found herself wanting him. A voice inside her was screaming get out of this castle, now!
           Sophie walked over to the window and watched as the sun set. As the room grew darker, she looked at him still asleep. She was beginning to get hungry and decided it was best to get out before he woke up.
           Sophie made her way down to the kitchen and found some pasta and spaghetti sauce. She searched for the right pans and began to cook. She was too busy cooking that she did not see Alexander walk into the room.
           "Smells good," he said, still a little tired.
           "You scared me," she said as she turned to look at him. His hair was a mess and she could not help but laugh.
           "Your hair. Sorry, I've never seen you with your hair messed up."
           "Did you make enough for the both of us? I'm hungry. Not used to this mortal hunger."
           "Yes. Couldn't find any garlic bread."
           "Don't keep it around. Never liked it. One of the times that I was mortal, I did eat some and still hated it."
           "How many times have you been mortal?"
           "A few. Most of the time, I would hide out in some church."
           "Really? Wow, that would have been a sight to see."
           "Yes, it was. Now, if you'll excuse me for a second, I need to go and brush my hair."
           "Okay," she said as she set two plates on the small wooden table in the kitchen. She didn't want to eat on a table shaped like a coffin.
           After he returned, they sat down and ate.
           "Alexander, I may regret this in the future, but tonight, I'm staying here. If I went home and told everyone about your little secret it wouldn't be a fair fight. God, I sound crazy."
           "Thank you. Sophie, I swear to you that you will never regret it."
           "Yeah, and you probably won't even remember this day once you return back to your old self."
           "Wrong. You know that I have the power to transform just as Nosferatu did, but you know why I won't do it?"
           "Because it wouldn't be a fair fight. Plus, it is very immature."
           "You, a fair fight?"
           "I've had many opportunities to kill you and everyone else, but it's a game I'm not ready to give up."
           "You know, I almost believe you, except--"
           "Except what?"
           "You tried to turn me into a vampire, and more than once!"
           "But you were always saved. You think I don't know when your little heroes are coming to rescue you? I'm a vampire, I can hear mice running about in my castle on the other side."
           "So tonight is just a game to you too, huh?"
           "No. I didn't plan on running into you today. I was hoping not to. You are free to leave this castle. I'm not holding you back."
           "True. Why did you even leave your castle?"
           "Come, I'll show you," he said as he took her hand and lead her to his office. He opened the desk drawer and pulled out the photos.
           "These are all of you?" she asked as she looked at them. "They look very nice. Who did you get to take these?"
           "I bribed some American. I paid off the people at the one hour lab, too."
           "Ironic, you wanted to keep this a secret so you paid them off, but still, you had your picture taken?"
           "I figured what the hell. Now, I can use these photos to prove to any one who believes that I could be a vampire to show that I have been photographed. With computers these days, I can get the newspapers to print me at everything now. They could have a photo of me shaking hands with the president."
           "Of course, you risk your own safety to increase your power."
           "Yes, tonight is full of risks for both of us," he said as he looked at her.
           Sophie looked at him and could feel his warm breath on her cheek.
           "Alexander, don't," she whispered.
           "Any mortal man would be a fool not to want you as I do," he said as he kissed her. Sophie kissed him back.
           "Alexander, please," she said as she pushed him away.
           "Did you come into my bedroom earlier?"
           "Yes, while you were sleeping."
           "I didn't think I dreamt you standing by the window."
           "No, you didn't."
           "I'm going back to bed. Leave this castle and forget about this night."
           Sophie watched him walk out of the room. A voice was screaming, Run! Run! She obeyed.
           She ran down the hallways and found the door she was searching for.
           She walked into his bedroom where candles were lit, filling the room with their glow. She slowly walked into the room but did not see him lying on the bed. She felt a hand brush her hair from behind and could feel his naked skin through her clothes. She turned around and began kissing him. He kissed her back as he lifted her shirt off. He continued kissing her body as he pulled away her pants and lifted her onto the bed.
           Alexander felt the mortal man in him as he entered into her. Sophie cried out and he kissed her. She kissed his neck and bit into his flesh. He loved it even more to be bitten. He made love to her as if it was the last night they would ever be together. He knew it would be the only time he could ever love her as a mortal. Once the sun rose, everything would return to normal. He made love to her until he was too tired to continue. They both fell asleep in each other's arms.

           The sun was shining brightly though the room. Sophie woke up to find herself lying in an empty bed. She looked at her watch. It was past nine. Sunrise had come, and Alexander Lucard was a vampire again. Sophie sat up and looked at the pillow next to her. On it was a red rose and a small envelope. She opened it up to read the letter:

Sophie, I swear with my own blood that I will never harm you again. Keep my secret in your heart, and I will keep you in mine.
          Alexander Lucard
           She saw tiny drops that appeared to be reddish brown. She looked at the red rose and noticed that he had pricked his finger, probably while still mortal and sworn by his own blood.
           Sophie got dressed and walked out of the castle. She held onto the note and the rose for a minute before lighting it with one of the candles that she had carried outside. "I promise, Alexander, that I will keep your secret."
           Alexander Lucard was sitting in his car when he watched her leave. "I know you will, Sophie, I know you will."

Author's note: "Buffy: the Vampire Slayer" is a show by Warner Brothers and is shown on their network. Also, I mean no disrespect to anyone who is from gypsy blood. Alexander's curse was pure fiction. This story was inspired by Angel's gypsy curse, and not any other stories involving Lucard and gypsies (which, by the way, is a far better read than this :)

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