Lucard Industries

The images from the series were photographed from the television screen; the others are all photos taken during my July, 1996 visit to Luxembourg.

Image 1: view ascending Rue Jules Wilhelm, as seen in "Double Cross."
Image 2: view ascending Rue Jules Wilhelm, 1996.

Image 3: "front view," as seen in "Children of the Night."
Image 4: "front view" (actually the back view), 1996.
Image 5: "front view," 1996: closeup showing windows and proportions.

Image 6: view descending Rue Jules Wilhelm, 1996.
Image 7: closeup of real-life entry, 1996.

Views from Rue du Fort Thüngen, 1996:
Image 8: Lucard Industries and its skywalk.
Image 9: LI and its skywalk; Conference Centre; and Tower-Building.

Distance views, 1996:
Image 10: Tower-Building; LI; train bridge; Grund and Klaus' church.
Image 11: Lucard Industries, the casemates, and the Grund level.

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