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Reference Lists in Progress:

Note: Episodes 19 and 20 both involve unreal sequences; items which emerge from them, as they can't be trusted or are actually untrue, are marked with an asterisk.

Thanks to Sarah T. for providing additions to many of the lists for episodes 7-20!

Vampires: All vampires, their "masters," and relative ages.

  1. Alexander Lucard/Dracula. Master: unknown (he doesn't have one, does he?). Approximate age: 559. Visual age: early thirties. (Eps. 1-21)
  2. Klaus Helsing. Master: Lucard. Approximate age: 43. Visual age: early thirties. Time as a vampire: 13 years. (Eps. 3, 6, 18, 20 & 21)
  3. Arthur Bauer. Master: Lucard. Approximate age: late 30's (was one of Gustav's students 15 years ago). Time spent as a vampire: 20 seconds. Now dead. (Ep. 3)
  4. Dr. Benedict. Master: Lucard. Approximate age: 35. Time spent as a vampire: about two days. Now dead. (Ep. 4)
  5. Nosferatu. Master: unknown. Approximate age: unknown; implied that he is older than Lucard. Visual age: mid-thirties. May or may not now be dead. (Ep. 5)
  6. Dr. Gloria Cross. Master: Nosferatu. Approximate age: early thirties. Time as a vampire: about two days. Still undead. (Ep. 5)
  7. Amelia Yeager. Master: Klaus. Age unknown, as we never actually see her. Her husband is retired, though, so she may be in her 50's or 60's. Time as a vampire: a few days. As far as we know, still undead. (Ep. 6)
  8. Jonas Carey. Master: Lucard. Approximate age: somewhere in his eighties or nineties. Visual age: hard to tell with the makeup, but perhaps in his thirties or forties. Time as a vampire: "over sixty years." Now dead. (Ep. 7)
  9. Eileen Townsend. Master: Lucard. Approximate age: mid-thirties. Time as a vampire: one day. Now mortal again. (Ep. 8)
  10. Harold (aka "Carl Brewer"). Master: Lucard (probably). Approximate age: unknown. Visual age: early forties. Time as a vampire: unknown. Now dead. (Ep. 8)
  11. Lane Zorro. Master: unknown (but not Lucard, "he's not [his] type."). Approximate age: late thirties or early forties. Time as a vampire: roughly one week. Now Bunnicula. (Ep. 9)
  12. Contessa Dolores de Suarez y Suarez. Master: unknown. Approximate age: unknown. Visual age: late twenties. Time as a vampire: unknown. Still undead. (Ep. 10)
  13. Capt. Ari Wolf. Master: Lucard (probably). Approximate age: unknown, but probably similar to visual age. Visual age: mid-forties. Time as a vampire: unknown. Still undead. (Ep. 11)
  14. Julia Heisenberg. Masters: Capt. Wolf and Lucard. Approximate age: late twenties. Time as a vampire: is bitten at end of episode and is still undead. (Ep. 11)
  15. Vincent. Master: Lucard. Approximate age: sixteen. Time as a vampire: a few days. Still undead. (Ep. 13)
  16. Dr. Gabor Varney. Master: unknown. Approximate age: unknown, although Varney the Vampyre was published in 1847, which suggests that he is more than one hundred and fifty years old. Visual age: forties. Time as a vampire: unknown. Still undead. (Ep. 13)
  17. Sophie. Master: Vincent, although Lucard "adopts" her. Age: fifteen. Time as a vampire: a few days. Returned to mortal form by water from Paquette Springs (Ep. 13, 14, *20)
  18. Mrs. Pfenning. Master: Lucard. Approximate age: "middle-aged." Time as a vampire: about a year. Now dead. (Ep. 14)
  19. Ted Singleton. Master: Lucard. Approximate age: early forties. Time as a vampire: bitten at end of episode and still undead. (Ep. 15)
  20. Lawrence Lei, aka "Alfred." Master: unknown. Approximate age: unknown. Visual age: late twenties. Time as vampire: unknown. Still undead. (Ep. 16)
  21. Unknown (an opera singer). Master: unknown. Visual age: mid-twenties. Actual age: approximately 225. Time as a vampire: approximately 200 years. Staked by Frederick Rilling. (Ep. 17)
  22. Frederick Rilling. Master: unknown. Approximate age: unknown, but claims to be "centuries older than [Lucard]." Visual age: sixties. Time as a vampire: unknown. Now dead. (Ep. 17)
  23. Chris Townsend. Master: Lucard. Age: sixteen. (*Ep. 20)
  24. Maximilian Townsend. Master: Lucard. Age: ten. (*Ep. 20)

All zombies, their positions, their fates, and other identifying information.

  1. Raymond, servant of Lucard (Ep. 1, ep. 3)
  2. Unnamed male servant of Lucard #1 (Eps. 1 & 3)
  3. Unnamed female servant of Lucard #1 (Ep. 1)
    Now dead: fell on stake during fight with kids. Note: Or is she a vampire? She has fangs (do zombies have fangs?) and seems to be the leader of the two male zombies. However, I put her on the zombie list because vampires on the series look sophisticated and intelligent, while she is a mess.)
  4. Officer Maria Schmidt, servant of Lucard (Ep. 1)
    Former police officer; attacked by Lucard on the street and zombified to add to his collection. Has nice skin tone, according to Lucard
  5. Felix, possibly Lucard's butler. (Eps. 10 & 16 )
  6. Unnamed male servant of Lucard #2 (Ep. 12)
    Clonked on the head by Max and later destroyed by Lucard with vampire gun.
  7. Peter, servant of Lucard (Ep. 14)
    Subverted by Mrs. Pfenning although he later returns to his old loyalty. Staked by Lucard.
  8. Unnamed male servant of Lucard #3 (Ep. 14)
    Also subverted by Mrs. Pfenning, attacked by Peter and staked by Lucard.
  9. Unnamed third-rate zombie made by Lawrence. (Ep. 16)
    Lucard orders Felix to "liquidate" him, although we don't see this actually happen.
  10. Herr Blusen's delivery boy, another of Lawrence's zombies. (Ep. 16)
    Destroyed by Cross of Magyars when he stumbles into the Helsing home's entryway.
  11. Unnamed male servant of Lucard #4, waits on Amber. (Ep. 17)
  12. Edward, who holds the drinks tray for Lucard (Ep. 19)
  13. Unnamed male servants of Lucard #5 and 6 (*Ep. 20)
    Chased out of the room by Lucard when he falls ill.

Lucard's Employees:
People who work for Lucard, whose names and/or positions we know.

  1. Raymond, zombie servant of Lucard (Ep. 1)
  2. William, possibly Lucard's chauffeur: Lucard gives phone instructions for William to get the car ready for him (Ep. 2)
  3. Dr. Benedict, developer of synthetic reflective surfaces and high-powered sunscreens; "promoted" to vampiredom by Lucard; now dead (Ep. 4)
  4. Dr. Magnus St. John-Smythe, inventor of vampire gun; no longer in Lucard's employ (Ep. 4)
  5. Gustav Helsing (in a cheap disguise), janitor at scientific research facility; resigned (Ep. 4)
  6. Klaus Helsing. Klaus is seen working for Lucard at both the castle (Ep. 3) and at Lucard Industries (Ep. 6); it is unknown exactly in what capacity. Lucard seems to trust him to conduct secret rendezvous, banking deals, and an attempt to kill a pollution bill (Ep. 6)
  7. Eileen Townsend. Lucard intends to put her "at the helm of [his] corporate finances"; in the meantime, he uses her in unspecified "business." (Ep. 8)
  8. Harold. Impersonates the vice-president of the World Fiscal Network (whatever that is) and then acts as one of Lucard's thugs. (Ep. 8)
  9. Pierre Marquette, in charge of Lucard's charitable giving, including his donations to the arts. Was probably killed by the Contessa. (Ep. 10)
  10. Two random menacing-looking types who accompany Lucard to lunch. (Ep. 11)
  11. Capt. Ari Wolf. Lucard's pet police officer. (Ep. 11)
  12. Julia Heisenberg. Enters Lucard's service at the end of episode; will be a great help to him in the art world. (Ep. 11)
  13. Mrs. Pfenning, Lucard's "new business manager" and former bank secretary. Now dead. (Ep. 14)
  14. Greta. Possibly Lucard's secretary or receptionist. Never actually seen. (Ep. 15)
  15. Ted Singleton. Enters Lucard's service at the end of episode; will give him "a foothold in the American market." (Ep. 15)
  16. Jang Linster, Lucard's chef, "the finest in Europe." (Ep. 17)
  17. Carolyn Elmhurst, aka "Amber Santana," in an unspecified capacity. (Ep. 17)

All deaths, including murder, suicide and accident.

  1. Unnamed female zombie #1: falls on stake during fight with kids (Ep. 1)
  2. Arthur Bauer: destroyed by the Cross of the Magyars (Ep. 3)
  3. Dr. Benedict: destroyed by Max using Magnus St. John-Smythe's delayed-action vampire gun (Ep. 4)
  4. Nosferatu: staked by Lucard, with Max's help (Ep. 5)
  5. Klaus commits a "disturbing rash of homicides" but we don't know any of the victims' names, other than Amelia Yeager, whom he makes into a vampire (Ep. 6)
  6. Jonas Carey: commits suicide with the stake Helsing gave him to fight Lucard (Ep. 7)
  7. Harold (aka "Carl Brewer"): Gustav accidentally impales him on the handle of the door of the dungeon chamber (Ep. 8)
  8. Unnamed female street artist: bitten by Lucard, presumably left for dead (Ep. 10)
  9. Unnamed male servant of Lucard #2: Lucard successfully tests the new vampire gun on him (Ep. 12)
  10. Two unnamed individuals, a sculptress in Prague and a film critic in Cannes: bitten by Lucard, presumably left for dead (Ep. 13)
  11. Peter, the zombie: Staked by Lucard for tardy loyalty (Ep. 14)
  12. Unnamed male servant of Lucard #3: Staked by Lucard for lack of loyalty (Ep. 14)
  13. Mrs. Pfenning: Commits suicide by drinking holy water-spiked '44 Chateau Margaux she'd intended for Lucard, in order to cheat him of the satisfaction of killing her himself (Ep. 14)
  14. The "concerned citizen" who accosts Lucard: bitten by Lucard, presumably left for dead (Ep. 15)
  15. Unnamed zombie of Lawrence's creation: presumably destroyed by Felix, although this happens off-screen (Ep. 16)
  16. Herr Blusen's delivery boy: destroyed by the Cross of the Magyars while delivering schnitzel that is neither hot nor steamy (Ep. 16)
  17. The unidentified opera singer, staked by Frederick Rilling at Fort Thüngen (Ep. 17)
  18. Teruzzi, aka the Great, resident of Frederick Rilling's old age home: bitten by Rilling and died as a result (Ep. 17)
  19. Frederick Rilling: allows himself to be staked by Lucard in fight (Ep. 17)
  20. Vampire Nazi major in Max's Casablanca-ish novel: staked by Rick/Chris (*Ep. 19)
  21. Margo and Lance Burton: killed in plane accident arranged by Lucard (Ep. 19)

Vampire Characteristics:
The episode references refer to when the characteristic is first shown if it is common; if it unusual, they refer to all the episodes in which it appears. Note: It is unknown whether less powerful vampires are able to do all of the things Lucard can, so a few of the characteristics may not be universal.

Lucard's Ties:
"Nice tie." All Lucard's ties, and other wardrobe elements (my specialty is collar styles). As Sarah T. points out, "I think it's, um, critical to keep track of Lucard's ties. After all, he is the power-dresser par excellence...but he has a relatively restricted wardrobe, as he dresses formally almost all the time. All that black and white! Not that it isn't gorgeous on him, but it is predictable. The tie (and on occasion--the vampire movie star episode, for example--the hat) is his one chance to express himself."

Lucard's Likes:

Lucard's (And Klaus's) Shakespeare Quotes:
All the Shakespeare lines Lucard and Klaus have quoted, and their correct references. Link to the original quotes in context and see for yourself--Klaus is better than Lucard at siting Shakespeare, oddly enough.

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