Second-Season Teases & Other Inside Information

"Schnitzel. Hot and steamy."

Phil Bedard, who along with his partner Larry Lalonde, served as "Dracula: the Series" story editor and wrote six of the episodes, has very generously shared some exciting inside information--things that I for one have always wondered about, but never dared to hope to find out! You will remember Mr Bedard not only as one of the series' most important writers but also as Magnus St. John-Smythe's assistant Malcolm from "The Great Tickler," and, most memorably, as the hot and steamy schnitzel delivery guy from "Bats in the Attic."

About season two, and answers to some of the mysteries from season one:

Fascinating character bits:

Information about "Dracula" locations:

Phil Bedard also gave me some invaluable tips for my visit to Luxembourg, and it's thanks to him that I was able to find as many sites as I did. I was not able to visit all the locations he described, though, so here is information on the places I was unable to track down:

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