Lucard's Noteworthy Quotations

My goodness! What a rrrrred-letter day it's been!

Well, knock me down with a feather!

Stay as long as you like... longer even.

Your powers of deduction never fail to impress me ever so slightly.

I warned you... but, of course, you didn't listen.

Of course I saved you... for myself.

My aesthetic desires may overrule my financial wisdom.

Maybe I have an eternity...

You know, I really haven't got much in the way of friends... it seems I've had to kill most of them.

I've never had a sufficient appreciation of loyality... especially when it comes so late!

For some, it can be too much--too stimulating. They don't see life as I do--as something to be taken... to be seized and held until every last drop of its essence is extracted.

Conflict makes me thirsty...

I lied.

What a third-rate creature you are, even by zombie standards.

There are just too many vampires these days, and when you get too large a population you get... impurities!

Where are your manners?

I really must fly.

People are my greatest resource. I rarely turn down a chance to meet new blood.

You are a clever little boy, Maximilian, but, unlike me, you are not perfect.

Shut up and sit down!

It's quite a small room, I'm afraid... but, on the other hand, it will get much smaller.

I will never be defeated!

Democracy... the worst political system in the world--except for all the others.

Does everyone have a key to this castle?

To think I would have been the architect of my own demise... now that would have been depressing!

We are not going to get a buzzz, my dear.

You were a third-rate bungler when you forgot to wake up Hitler on D-Day, and nothing's changed.

I have a headache--get out!

Pettiness was always your forte, my friend--your one true calling.

There is one thing you must realize: I have always preferred excess.

I am not amused.

Many are the ways of love... surprising are their ends.

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