"Dracula: the Series" Survey Results

Do you ever wonder what the most popular "Dracula: the Series" episodes are, or which characters have the most fans? As Lucard would say, "Any scientific explanation would only scratch the surface of so great a mystery," but here's an attempt at that scratch, anyway. (Last updated 3/3/97.)

The results are expressed as the percent of respondents who answered the question in a certain way.

Who is your favourite regular character on "Dracula: the Series"?

Lucard/Dracula85.48% No favourite04.84%
Sophie06.45% Uncle Gustav03.23%

Who is your favourite vampire on the series, other than Lucard?

Klaus59.68% Dr. Varney04.84%
the Contessa09.68% Lane Zorro03.23%
Nosferatu08.06% Sophie01.61%
I don't know06.45% Lawrence Lei/Alfred01.61%
Jonas Carey04.84%

Who is your favourite female guest character?

I don't know33.33% Mrs. Pfenning05.00%
the Contessa13.33% Lana Zorro05.00%
Margo Burton13.33% Dr. Gloria Cross03.33%
Eileen Townsend11.67% Anna Dyson01.67%
Amber Santana11.67% Alexa Singleton01.67%

Who is your favourite male guest character?

Klaus54.24% Lance Burton03.39%
Nosferatu15.25% Lawrence Lei01.69%
I don't know10.17% Mycroft Tickler01.69%
Dr. Varney06.78% Ted Singleton01.69%
St. John-Smythe03.39% Herr Blusen01.69%

What are your favourite episodes? Choose up to five.
This is expressed as the total number of votes each episode received.

My Dinner With Lucard27
Klaus Encounters of the Interred Kind26
Bad Blood24
Sophie, Queen of the Night23
I Love Lucard22
Children of the Night21
Decline of the Romanian Vampire18
A Little Nightmare Music12
My Fair Vampire11
My Girlfriend's Back...10
Double Cross9
Mind Over Matter8
The Vampire Solution8
Bats in the Attic7
Black Sheep6
Double Darkness4
Get a Job3
The Boffin3
Damsel in Distress3
What a Pleasant Surprise!2
The Great Tickler1

If you had to choose an absolute favourite, which would it be?
This is expressed as the percent that individual episodes received of the overall vote. Episodes' former rankings (some were tied) are indicated in red, to the left of the title.

(4) Sophie, Queen of the Night19.57%
(1) My Dinner With Lucard17.39%
(2) I Love Lucard17.39%
(4) Bad Blood15.22%
(3) Decline of the Romanian Vampire08.70%
(3) Klaus Encounters of the Interred Kind06.52%
The Vampire Solution02.17%
Mind Over Matter02.17%
Double Darkness02.17%
Black Sheep02.17%
Bats in the Attic02.17%
My Girlfriend's Back...02.17%
Double Cross02.17%

Background Information about Respondents:

How did you discover "Dracula: the Series"?

A full 56.45% of all respondents said that they discovered "Dracula: the Series" by just happening to catch it on television. A large proportion of recent respondents found it through TV listings or an advertisement (14.52%), while many earlier respondents found out about the show via Lucard's Home Page itself (6.45%). Other popular means of discovery were the "Forever Knight" mailing lists and having it recommended by a friend (3.23% each). The "Forever Knight" newsgroup and "don't remember" were each chosen by 1.61% of the respondents, and the remaining 12.90% discovered the series through other unspecified means.
What is your interest in "Dracula: the Series"?
The most common response (24.59%) was still "I love it; it is my favourite TV show," followed closely by "I am very fond of it" (22.95%). "I am interested only in Lucard and/or Geordie Johnson" also still ranked high with 13.11% of the votes, but "I am interested only because Geraint Wyn Davies is in it," with which it was formerly tied, fell dramatically to 4.92%. "I used to watch it and like to reminisce," on the other hand, rose from the bottom of the rankings to fifth place (8.20%), right behind "other" (9.84%). "I am interested only because it's related to vampires" remained at 6.56%, and was joined by "It entertains me" (also at 6.56%). The remaining respondents said they are interested only because it's about Dracula, or that they've never seen it but it sounds interesting (1.64% each).
When did you first see "Dracula: the Series"?
This is a fill-in-the-blank question, so there were quite a variety of responses. I've tried to group them logically. Respondents who saw "Dracula" back during the original airing (answers such as "1990," "1991," or "when it first aired") still edge out newer discoverers of the series, with 56.68% of answers. I also included one respondent who worked on the series in this category, although he may have actually seen the series before it aired. The Sci-Fi channel has introduced at least 23.34% of respondents to the show, as 11.67% named sometime during 1995 as their first time viewing the series, and 11.67% named sometime during 1996 or 1997. The earlier showing on Canadian YTV introduced 3.33% of respondents to the show. Other responses were 1992, 1993, 1992 or 1994, and 1994 (1.67% each). 3.33% hadn't seen the show at all, and 6.67% didn't remember when they first saw it.
How many episodes have you seen?
All of them33.87%
Most of them32.26%
Only a few17.74%
About half11.29%
Only the Klaus episodes01.61%

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