Outline: Episode #201, "The Between World"




We open in the void, as Gustav moves through it. He has the Cross of the Magyars with him. We hear sounds and voices from Gustav's past (snippets of dialogue from season #1). A door appears before him, light streaming out around its frame. He opens it and sees something that freezes his blood; his late wife, Margaret, at rest in an open coffin. Emotion wells up in Gustav's eyes. He speaks to his dead wife; what is happening - why is she here? Margaret's eyes snap open - she grabs Gustav's arm. At that terrifying moment, Margaret suddenly turns into Lucard, in full vampire mode. Gustav breaks free and tries using the cross against him, to no effect. Lucard reminds Gustav that this is his refuge, his reality; he is totally safe here. Gustav demands Klaus' return. Surprisingly, Lucard agrees to reuniting father and son, but perhaps not exactly how or when Gustav might wish. He refers to the one mistake he has ever made - and that he is going to reach across time to correct it. Just for fun, he's taking Gustav with him. "Say goodbye to all you have known". And with that, he vanishes. We stay on Gustav as the light around him intensifies and obscures him from view. When the light dies away, he is in:

His front doorway. He looks younger, and seems to be coming out of a daze. Margaret greets him at the door, taking the bag of groceries he now carries from him. She notices his puzzled expression, but scolds him gently for taking so long at Herr Bloosen's; their guests will be arriving any minute. Gustav apologizes for the delay... he can't understand what took him so long, either. Clearly, he has no memory of events in present day. Margaret heads for the kitchen. Something is very odd about this... but Gustav has no memory of the void.


Present day: The kids discuss (and recap) events leading up to Gustav's disappearance. They have his notes spread out on a table. They know he's alive somewhere, but need clues to find him. Chris suggests they return to the castle and enter the void, but Max and Sophie are against it. Even if they got past the zombies, they don't have the Cross of the Magyars to help them. Gustav took it with him into the void. They could be lost forever if they went into the void without it. Besides, there's no guarantee they wouldn't be lost forever with it. They find an old journal of Gustav's and leaf through it. Eileen breezes out the door, on her way to a business appointment that she wouldn't have had to attend had not her replacement, Klaus, vanished from the face of the earth. She's not too thrilled by that.

1979. Margaret Helsing exits the kitchen. She is about ten years younger than Gustav and full of life. She fancies herself a bit of a world traveller - a la Isadora Duncan - and will talk about her various adventures at the drop of a hat. She is presently doing so as she carries a tea-tray into the livingroom. She sets it down in front of Gustav... and Klaus and Eileen. Eileen and Klaus look younger as well - about twelve years younger. Klaus is his charming pre-vampire self. They talk about Eileen's husband's (Richard) business trip; the reason the Townsends are in Europe. They have left their four year-old, Chris, back in Philadelphia with his grandparents. Eileen announces she's pregnant, and due sometime in March next year... 1980. Klaus is excited about starting his new job, but can barely get a word in edgewise. He asks Eileen to remind him to thank Richard for setting up the interview that got him the job. Margaret makes Klaus promise to invite his new boss over for dinner the next night. Throughout the scene, Gustav is clearly troubled by something he can't quite put his finger on.

Lucard's office, circa 1979. It isn't quite as lavish as his 1991 digs. Sitting opposite Lucard is a man in his late twenties, with an air of wealth and accomplishment about him. He is Richard Townsend, Eileen's husband and the boys' father. They are concluding a business deal. Lucard is signing his name to a large loan which the Philadelphia Industrial Bank is providing to the fledgling Lucard Industries. As a way of demonstrating his gratitude... Lucard vampirizes Richard. As Richard slumps back in the chair, unconscious, Lucard offers an apology of sorts; all must be as it was during this twenty-four hour period... save for one minor detail. Lucard takes Richard's head in hand. Don't worry, Richard, nothing will change for you. You will still desert your wife and children and become my very first operative in South America. Congratulations. Again.

1991. The kids continue to sift through the journal (and other contents of Gustav's notes). They are desperate to find the clue they are sure Gustav meant them to find therein. The boys are especially interested in Gustav's description of their dad. They don't know that much about him. He vanished years ago, and their mother doesn't talk about him. The kids come to the section in Gustav's journal which describes Klaus' vampirization. It happened very early on in Klaus' association with Lucard Industries. Lucard summoned Klaus to the office late one night, and with typical dramatic flare, Lucard vampirized Klaus at midnight.

1979. Later that night. Klaus arrives at Lucard's office as per Lucard's instructions. Klaus is puzzled; why does Lucard need to see him at this late hour? Is something wrong with job he's been doing for the company? Not at all, Lucard assures him. Everything is going very well, exactly as it once did. Klaus is understandably puzzled by this remark. Klaus remembers to invite Lucard for dinner, but Lucard graciously declines. It's 11:58 p.m. (either stated or shown). Lucard asks Klaus to sit down and relax - this will only take a moment.

Klaus is becoming uneasy at Lucard's odd behaviour, and his sense of foreboding increases as Lucard begins to talk about the past in very cryptic terms, almost as if he were reliving it. As midnight approaches, Lucard informs Klaus that midnight tonight will be a turning point in Klaus' career... and now we're positive something dreadful is about to befall Klaus. The vampirization. But as midnight strikes, and Lucard leans in behind Klaus... Lucard whispers, "Goodnight, Klaus". Klaus is utterly baffled by this. Goodnight? Indeed, Lucard responds. Off you go. Klaus leaves, shaking his head. Lucard moves to his window, certain that he has permanently removed Gustav Helsing from the vampire-hunting equation. He gloats, "You will never find Dracula now, Helsing. I've washed away the one clue that lead you to me. I'm free of you, and free to return to the present, unopposed". A flash of light outside the building illuminates the window blinds. Curious, Lucard peers out.

EXT - Lucard's office. The night sky above the office is in some serious tumult. All manner of celestial pyrotechnics are taking place, with a great deal of violence. In the office, Lucard looks away from the window, concerned.

1991. The kids have nearly exhausted their search through Gustav's files. They are very tired. Sophie moves to close the drapes... but where the drapes should be, there are blinds instead. As the kids try to wrap their minds around that, they notice that a number of other things in the house have changed. Max, for example, finds himself sitting on the other side of the room. Most disturbing is what has happened to Gustav's notes. All but some of his earlier notes have disappeared. Needless to say, the kids are extremely uneasy. After they've calmed down enough to think, they reason that something has happened to alter reality. The only possible explanation is that it has something to do with the void. Nothing they've found is helping them track Gustav down. They decide to arm themselves and head for the castle. They must get into the void somehow, even without the Cross of the Magyars to help them, and bring Gustav back.

Lucard in the void. All is not well. The void is much more unsteady and violent, showing signs of breaking up. He searches for the exit into the future - and into the Great Hall. But he can't find it. Enraged, he swirls and is gone.



Just after dinner at the Helsing home with Gustav, Margaret, Klaus, Eileen, Richard... and Lucard. Margaret expresses her pleasure that Lucard was able to come for dinner after all. Lucard controls his anxiety, saying he was delighted that a previous engagement fell through and freed up his evening. Richard is not feeling well in the wake up Lucard's bite. Lucard keeps an eye on Richard, lest he should recall the incident. At one point it seems he might, and Lucard uses a little mind control to redirect Richard's thoughts. Lucard swings the conversation around to Gustav's work, getting him to talk about his other interests and hobbies, one of which pertains to vampires. Gustav relates his forbearers' victories over the undead, with an embellishment here and there for good measure. Lucard takes it all in, smiling. Margaret tries to temper her husband's more outrageous stories. Clearly, she is uncomfortable with Gustav's interest in vampires. She loves him dearly, but he is a bit odd.

Lucard gets a chance to speak with Richard alone. He grabs him, demanding to know what he has done in the past twenty-four hours. Richard begs Lucard to believe him; he's done nothing. He will do whatever Lucard wants him to, but he has spent the whole day too ill to do anything. Lucard believes him. But what then has changed that is preventing him from returning to the future? Unbeknownst to Lucard and Richard, Klaus has overheard their conversation.

1991. The kids have arrived at the castle. They have found their usual ports of entry either gone or sealed. They stand in the shadows, trying to think of a way in. About an hour later. Richard and Eileen are in the woods for an after-dinner walk. Richard looks and feels terrible. He hopes that a little night air will make him feel better, but he suddenly doubles over and collapses, he is dead. Shocked, Eileen leans over his prone body. Richard's eyes snap open, unseen by Eileen who is listening for a heartbeat. Richard grabs her throat and stands her up. He bears his fangs. She submits, under his spell. But, as he is about to bite her her, Klaus comes running and intercedes. Richard tosses Eileen to the ground, and after a brief struggle, bites Klaus. Richard swirls, now fully a vampire, and is gone. Klaus stumbles off into the darkness leaving an unconscious Eileen on the ground.

1991. The kids break into the castle in a most ingenious way that we will figure out come script time. They notice that something about the place has changed. It's dirty, cluttered, as if the owner had lost interest in its upkeep. They are creeping down a corridor when they are confronted by two really hideous-looking zombies ("Night of the Living Dead" specials). The Cross of the Magyars has no effect on them! The kids flee, the zombies in pursuit. They barely manage to escape with their lives.


1979. Helsing Home. A dazed and confused Eileen enters and rushes upstairs. Responding Margaret enters from the kitchen, a full plate of schnitzel in hand. Thinking it is Klaus, she calls after him. There is no response. She hears a noise at the front door. Thinking someone is outside fumbling for their house key, she goes to the door and opens it. A look of terror comes into her face, but before she can scream, a vampire hand covers her mouth, and we


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