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I love the cliffhanger at the end, I'm hooked to the story. It is interesting to see Lucard actually regret turning Klaus into a vampire, but to think that if he goes back and corrects it that Gustav will never catch on that he is Dracula, is hard to believe. I loved finding out about the boy's father, and I think that is a great story line to go on for a future episode ("hey guess what Max?" says Lucard, "daddy's a vampire!"). Great idea for a season opener.

Susan R.


I found Episode 201 rather intriguing and full of promise, even though there a few discrepancies. Such as:

How come the Cross of the Magyars couldn't work on Lucard when it worked on Klaus when he was in the void?

Why did Lucard chose that moment to go back in time and "correct" his one mistake? He's had the void for some time - someone with his ambition and intelligence surely would have used it prior to then for that purpose.

And, as of now, March is now Max's month - since we don't have an exact date of his birth. Happy belated 18th, Max!

Grace G.


Heh, heh, heh...you didn't think I'd leave it at one entry, did you? :)

I have a few more questions that are puzzling me.

If Lucard in the flashbacks are the Lucard of '91, what happened to the Lucard of '79? There would be two running around. (Oh, what a yummy thought!)

Because Lucard changed the past by not vampirizing Klaus, Gustav isn't aware of Dracula's current identity. Which changed his notes, the furnishings of the house (however slight, there were differences), etc. Basically, then, the first season didn't happen as we all know and love. So then why are the kids aware of the differences? How can they possibly remember what never took place?

And finally, how did the kids get the Cross of the Magyars back from Gustav when he (and it) are still in the void?

Grace G.


I think that this story line is highly plausible, however I question if it is the actual outline. Shortly after the series was canceled I spoke with a woman, I would have to look her name up, from the production studio. Though she did say the second season would take place in the past, it was not the recent past. It was a time of economic trouble for the USA, where Lucard had retreated to. The great depression. I was told it would have taken on the feeling that the show Forever Knight has today, and that most of the ideas for the show forever night had come from the final wrap party for Drac where discussions had pursued where those involved would have liked to seen the show go. I believe what she had to say since she was also very upset that some of her ideas were being used in forever knight, but she was not given the opportunity to work on the show, and had not been asked if it was O.K. to use them. Believe me bitterness has a way of crossing a phone line searing hot. Perhaps this was created afterward, I don't know. However, if it was created after the fact or not, it would have made an excellent second season, Klaus against Lucard instead of Gustav, hmmmmm. Nasty!

Sure you can put it up, but with my contradictory comments, I doubt you will.



I love the outlines section...

What did I think of 201... I like it. It seems tightly written (although the "The kids break into the castle in a most ingenious way that we will figure out come script time," bit made me howl!), and I desperately wish they'd had a chance to make it. I have to wonder, though, how they planned to make Klaus, Eileen, and the others "look younger." Careful makeup? :-)

EA Haas


Fascinating! I must admit to getting a trifle confused at the jumping back and forth, time travel has always irked me! All in all, I was quite intrigued! This wasn't at all what I expected Lucard to do regarding Klaus. Of course, in his typical bumbling fashion Klaus seems to have thwarted Lucard's plans anyway! The lug, just can't seem to keep from getting fanged. . . Sigh, so much for the cute and fuzzy Klaus I was hoping to see more of. . . I loved the bit about Gustav's wife, sounds like a perfect match to me! As for Lucard heading off Gustav at the pass. . . Not bloody likely! I can't believe that anything would have stopped Gustav from starting out on his quest to destroy Dracula. It's in those stake-loving Helsing genes! Gustav would probably have gotten involved for one reason or another. He may be a bumbling fool, (like father like son?) but he's a smart bumbling fool! If you doubt me look no further than a certain intrepid young vampire hunter named Max! How long did it take to get him going? I rest my case! :)



I'm a little shaken and a little in shock. I just read the outline. I'm not bothered by the actual events of the episode. I like the fact that Richard is a vampire and that's why he's never in the series in present. My main question is Why Free Klaus? and Why is Lucard changing the past? He can't honestly know what repercussions that will have on the future. But the devilishly clever part is the fact that we can see the changes to the future, through the kids. Oh, the suspense is breathtaking and intriguing.

Angel A.


Many, many thanks for posting those D:tS second season outlines. I've been waiting, what, seven years to see what happened; I suppose that I can wait a few more weeks to get the whole picture. (I'm just hoping that Klaus still becomes the deranged psycho we know and love--my sister and I always liked him better than Nick Knight anyway!)

Ann G.


I thought it was extremely exciting. It was wonderful to get to know some of the things that may have (or did?) lead to Gustav actively pursuing the past time of vampire hunting. I also like the idea of making Richard a 'victim' of Lucard's. It helps to solidify Max's interest in vampires. Hopefully the next installment will be just as good.

Amanda B.


I thought the second-season episode was original. The idea of having the father of the boys was a little depressing though. I thought that Gustav and Lucard would time travel in the portal but this version is much more suspenseful than mine because with Lucard trapped in the past and Gustav with memory loss, how will either get back?

P.S. One way the kids could get into the castle could be through the sewer or an underground route.



Overall, it seemed to stabilize most of the elements that made "Klaus Encounters" such a poor ending for the show. In that regard, I can't say I'm surprised.

What I was surprised to read was Lucard having dinner in the Helsing home. Even if Gustav doesn't know who he is, wouldn't the Cross of the Magyars destroy him anyway? Somehow it just doesn't seem right for Gustav to wait until he knows there are vampires in town to put the Cross up. Even if his wife is a skeptic.



I liked the beginning of the second season. I felt that it was ingenious of the writers to begin a new season with a cliff-hanger. I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Also, in the section right before the tag, there was a boo-boo. (Not a technical, but oh well.) The writers emphasized, in the previous sections, the fact that the Cross of the Magyars was gone, yet in this section, they imply that the Cross is with the kids and has no affect on the zombies that they were currently facing.

Finally, the beginning of the aforementioned section, "The kids break into the castle in a most ingenious way that we will figure-out come script time," I thought was hysterical.



I really liked part one of "The Between World". I love the flashbacks. It's about time there were flashbacks. They never did it in the first season. Now it really explains a lot of things. It answered some questions I've been wondering about.

Darlene W.

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