Outline: Episode #202, "The Between World - Part Two"




1. 1979, 1 a.m.: There is an uneasy silence in Gustav's house. Gustav comes downstairs looking for Margaret. He reacts with alarm when he senses a presence but does not hear her respond. A floorboard creaks behind him and he wheels around in fright. He is relieved to see that it is his wife, Margaret. But his relief is short lived as Margaret bares her fangs. There is a brief struggle during which she is unintentionally staked by Gustav when as he pushes her away from him and she stumbles into a wooden umbrella handle. Reacting to the sounds of the struggle, Klaus rushes downstairs and sees Gustav, staring blankly at the spot where she disintegrated.


2. 1991. The kids return from their unsuccessful rescue attempt at the castle. They are very downcast; they feel they may never see Gustav again.

3. 1979. Minutes after the end of episode 1. A very distraught Gustav explains to Klaus what happened and that Margaret was a vampire. Klaus plays the disbelieving son, but his expression gives us the impression that the idea of vampires isn't all that foreign to him. Gustav says that if there are vampires about, it's time he unwrapped the Cross of The Magyars. He explains to Klaus (and the audience) that the cross is a most powerful vampire fighting tool. Klaus looks uneasy as Gustav heads for the basement.

4. In the basement, Gustav locates an odd-looking container. He opens it, and we see that it contains the Cross of the Magyars. He is reaching for the cross when it suddenly surrounds him with light. We intercut with Klaus upstairs, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable. He makes straight for the front door and exits. Downstairs, the light disappears around Gustav, but it leaves him unconscious. Then the cross fires a blast up at the ceiling.

5. 1991. The cross is firing across time through the floor and at its rightful place on the stairwell. The kids look up at the cross as it materializes on the wall. They are dumbfounded. Then it dawns on them that this might some form of communication from the void; an indication that Gustav is still alive. Now that the Cross has been returned, they can return to the castle, get past the zombies, and access the void.

6. 1979, 3 AM: Eileen jolts awake from a nightmare, screaming her husband's name. She is alarmed when she sees that he is not in bed with her. Confused, she gets up and searches the house for him. But the house is now empty (save for the unconscious Gustav in the basement). Concerned, she puts on an overcoat and heads outside.

7. The void. It is continuing its breakup. Lucard is angry. He is trying to figure out what has gone wrong; what event in time has happened that did not happen before and is preventing him from returning to the future? So far, all is as he intended. He knows that Richard could not have lied to him because Richard was under Lucard's spell. Fury rises in Lucard's face as it dawns on him: The event that changed everything had not yet happened when he questioned Richard! Enraged by his oversight, Lucard vows to correct the situation.

8. It is now 3:30 AM: A very distraught Eileen is in the wooded area where she last saw Richard. Adding to the creepy setting is the fact that someone is watching her. Could it be Richard, Klaus, or Lucard? The watcher steps from behind a tree, startling her. She wheels around to see Lucard, barely controlling his agitation. He tells her he was out for a late night stroll. Eileen tells him that she is terribly worried about her husband; She had a horrible nightmare that he attacked her and when she awoke, he was in bed with her. Lucard reacts to this... He promises her that he will do all he can to track her husband down. He tells her she should go back home and he will take care of matters. She is thankful for his help.

9. 1991. The kids are back at the castle, dodging zombies and making their way to the great hall and the void. The Cross of the Magyars is doing yeoman service. Having dispatched several zombies, the kids reach the hall and search for a way to make the void appear. They try to figure out what Uncle Gustav had done and remember that the candles beside the fireplace had been turned. They look up at where the candles should be. There are none, and no sign that there ever had been candles there. It dawns on them. The void is no longer at the castle.


9. 1991. Kids back at home. Depressed. Unless they can find the void, Gustav will remain trapped in it. Worse, the void may no longer exist, and Gustav may already be lost forever.

10. 1979. 3:45 AM: The basement. Gustav is regaining consciousness and in standing up, knocks something over. Eileen, having just returned home, hears the noise and heads for the basement where she sees Gustav. Before she can ask what he's doing in the basement, he asks her where she has been. She tells him about her nightmare and that she returned to where she last remembered seeing Richard. She adds that she has just seen Lucard who offered to help her locate Richard. Gustav looks worried. He doesn't understand what is going on. He tells her about Margaret's death, and that Richard's disappearance may be connected to it. For her part, Eileen is reluctant to believe that vampires actually exist. But Gustav's conviction rings true, and she slowly begins to accept the notion. He convinces her to take him to the location of her last moments with Richard. She heads upstairs and he carefully unwraps the Cross of the Magyars. Once again, he is enveloped in a blue flash of light.

11. 1991. Sophie sees Gustav materialize in the light, as if some sort of spectral vision. She screams, bringing the boys running, but he has disppeared before they arrive. Gustav returns to 1979, but this time he remains conscious but unaware that he has slipped across time into 1991. He has the cross and he heads upstairs to join Eileen in their search for Richard.

12. Meanwhile, back in 1991, Sophie insists she saw Gustav, but the boys do not believe her story. Eileen enters, announcing that she must go to Milan. The boys are surprised; they thought her business in Europe was concluded. She looks at them, puzzled; have they forgotten that the vampire she's been hunting for the past six months has recently surfaced in Milan? How could they forget that? The kids look dumbfounded. Eileen isn't supposed to know anything about vampires. Once she has gone out of the room, Max reasons that something has happened to change their reality. That perhaps Lucard used the void to travel back in time and alter it. That explains why Mom is now a vampire hunter and why the void is no longer at the castle. It may also explain why Sophie saw the image of Uncle Gustav. Perhaps the altered reality is trying to correct itself, to undo what Lucard has done. But if that happens, it is also possible that the void is disappearing. They must figure out where the void is... and fast.

13. 1979. 4 AM The woods. Unbeknownst to each other, both Gustav/Eileen and Lucard are hunting for Richard. The air is thick with tension. Gustav is jumped by Richard and thrown to the ground. He turns on Eileen and is about to vampirize her when Lucard intervenes. Lucard explains that Richard is the random element in time that ruined his attempt to alter reality.

Richard had done something he did not do in the original reality and for that transgression, he will pay with his life. Though Eileen and Richard have no idea of what Lucard means by his statement, it does have implications on Gustav. He's beginning to sense the truth, but he still does not suspect that Lucard is a vampire.

The struggle between Lucard and Townsend is fierce. Gustav and Eileen watch in horror, unsure of what to do. Richard is not a pushover but Lucard prevails and destroys him. Next he turns to Gustav, but Gustav has the Cross of the Magyars at his side.

Lucard advances on Gustav and Eileen. Gustav is about to produce the cross when he is grabbed from behind. By Klaus... Klaus cackles gleefully, "You made one mistake Alexander; Mr. Townsend did not take my mother.... I did". Lucard raises an eyebrow, Gustav looks shocked. "Oedipus wrecks your plans, Alexander. Enjoy the seventies, you'll be stuck in them forever". And he bats out. Lucard looks at a shocked Gustav. "Well, Helsing, it looks like I'm going to have to kill you anyway. I had hoped that by returning to this time and not turning your son into a vampire, you would never have picked up my trail. Oh well, might as well make the most of a bad situation" He lunges at Gustav.

14. 1991. Only seconds have passed since we last left the kids. They are pondering where the void can be when Sophie has an idea: Since Uncle Gustav appeared in the house, perhaps the void is also in the house. Max grabs The Cross of the Magyars and aims it where Sophie says she saw Gustav appear. The Cross comes to life and fires at the wall. The void appears and emerging from it are the struggling Lucard and Gustav. The Cross fires at Lucard, forcing him to flee. Gustav and the kids are reunited.


15. Mom returns to the house with her bags. She is pleasantly surprised to see Gustav who tells her he was in France for a few days. She looks only slightly doubtful but has other things on her mind. She tells the kids they are no longer going. "Going where", Max asks, "To Milan?" "Milan?" Eileen looks confused, and tells them she means their trip back to Philadelphia. It seems that her replacement, Klaus, has accepted a better job elsewhere. So they will just have to stay in Europe for the time being.

16. And just what is Klaus' new job? It seems that he has taken over Lucard's job and is running his empire, as poor old Alexander finds out upon his return to the castle, which now resembles the lobby of a Las Vegas casino, replete with babes and thuggish zombies, much like the ones the kids encountered at the castle earlier on in the episode. Lucard is horrified to see Klaus, now a bona fide madman, in charge. Lucard has an enormous task ahead of him... regaining his empire.

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