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Now, whoever thought up this craziness should be told to sit down and listen to sense for a minute. This whole void concept just bothers me, but I guess I can learn to live with it. What I do like about the episode though, is that when Lucard tries to alter the past, the past manages to correct itself... at least somewhat. Lucard tried to prevent Klaus from becoming a vampire and failed because Klaus became a vampire anyway.

But why does Lucard feel like he needs to turn Gustav from his trail? Gustav has known about him for quite some time and I can't believe that Lucard views him as enough of a threat to change the events of time. Perhaps Lucard is bored with Gustav. Lucard also seems too shrewd to risk the repercussions of what altering time will do. The end of the episode implies he never thought of this.

As for the idea of Lucard regaining his empire from Klaus--that would be interesting and entertaining as a conflict. Especially when we see the differences in what Klaus has done. Of course, I think this would make the conflict between Lucard and the kids stronger, for Lucard, upon seeing the new reality would probably prefer to stay in the seventies and relive it all.

And with Klaus as the influential vampire in control of the empire, that would make better tension between him and his father.

And I bet Lucard would need to find the void again, but where has it gone. Why? How? I want more info about this ominous void.

Angel A.


All right, the ending was not what I expected. Just how did Klaus manage to take over Lucard's empire? What would he call it? And I know Klaus was a little crazy, but I always thought he appeared as a Lucard, Jr. and would keep the castle looking more like how Lucard kept it with all of the art and fine furnishings.

Also, even though Lucard did not vampirize Klaus, or is directly responsible for Margaret's death, in the end he is still the main cause of it because he vampirized Richard first.

But, although it would be a little strange, yet funny, to see Lucard trying to win back his empire, and living outside his castle and business office, I would truly hate it. To those of us who got addicted to the show to begin with, fell in love with Lucard because he was a sort of new villain by combining the villainous corporate CEO with the most famous of vampires, Dracula.

One last note, if any vampire actually managed even for a day to control Lucard Industries, I can't picture Klaus, but instead Nosferatu. After all, we get this hint in the first season when he does try and destroy LI, but fails. And, possibly unknown to Lucard, is that Nosferatu is still alive and probably out plotting his next revenge on his old friend.

Susan R.


Klaus in charge!

Oh me, oh my what a thought! Klaus running the show! Now I am really scared! I can't say I particularly like the way these episodes worked out. I really wanted to see Klaus saner and working with his Dad to nail Lucard once and for all. I think he would have been far more effective as a good guy. I wonder though what lasting effects he would have had to face as a result of having been a vampire. I mean Klaus having to face up to what he was, what he's done, etc. would have made far more sense than revamping him. It would also have been interesting to see him working with Helsing instead of against him. With the knowledge he has of Lucard he could make a formidable enemy, perhaps even greater than Gustav. Certainly the motivation to join the gang would have been considerable.

And just think of the Shakes quotes we would hear with Klaus and Lucard on opposite sides of the stake so to speak!

P.S. Can you imagine the boys ever being able to cozy up to their new found relative? I think it would be next to impossible, considering. Gustav might be able to forgive and love his son, but the boys? I doubt it. Could have made for one heck of a subplot!



Wow. Is anyone else feeling tired??? All that travelling back and forth in time can leave a girl exhausted, not to mention a little confused. Two Cross of The Magyars--poor Lucard. I wander if Gustav brought his back with him ....hmmmm.

The second act is wonderful. I love it. especially the bit about Klaus as the "....bona fide madman". What fun ;-). And Lucard without his empire. He's not having much luck in this series so far is he??? I can't wait for the next installment.



I liked the second part of the episode even better. I liked the part where everyone got reunited after Gustav got out of the void. I just wish that the show could have continued with both parts 1 and 2.

Darlene W.


I have to say I LOVE the image of Klaus running a casino out of the castle. Poor Alex!!! Unfortunately, it doesn't make up for the rest of the ep which (while I'm sure it'd be better as a show than as an outline) seemed rather... tepid. Not quite what I'd hoped (but then, things usually aren't!).

E.A. Haas


I forgot to add...

Time travel seems to be getting over used lately... it was handled relatively well here, I think, but it's still a bit confusing (probably due to the format). I did like learning what happened back then, though... not that it's canon, of course! :-)

I must say (again) that I LOVE the final scene!!! The interplay between Klaus and Lucard was one of the coolest things about those episodes (I liked the way Klaus' eps arced so nicely), and having Alex have to deal with him without giving anything away would be fantastic.

Looking forward to #203 and #204!!!

E.A. Haas


I absolutely loved this episode! It was much more exciting and interesting than the last one. My favorite parts are when Eileen turns vampire hunter and at the end when it turns out that Klaus is rich and turned the castle into a casino.

I did not like the part where Sophie sees Gustav's apparition (lets call it) in the house and why would have the portal or gate moved from the castle? That is a little puzzling. Also, with no Dracula around wouldn't the zombies be free to roam around town not just the castle where they all seem to be now and with no direct orders from Dracula why would they attack the kids?

Finally I was very surprised to find out that Klaus turned his own mother into a vampire. That is a little sick and cold. But, because it was twisted I liked it.

Lady Carmillia


All in all, I thought the episode held a lot of promise. I would have liked to see Max and Chris cope with a vampire hunter for a mother, and what could only be character development for Eileen, but alas, twas not to be. Besides, that would have meant that Gustav would still be stuck back there, and of course we all don't want that, do we?

And I did enjoy the ending. I can almost see the expression on Lucard's face as he enters his castle, and instead of walking into the elegantly furnished home he left behind comes upon what could only be for him Las Vegas Hell.

Grace G.


Here is my immediate reaction to the episode as I read it.

In one life Gustav loses his son to the "other side", in another his wife. Poor thing can't seem to escape tragedy.

Why was the Cross hidden in the basement? A fourth generation vampire hunter should have "a most powerful vampire fighting tool" up to protect his house and family. Perhaps if it were where it belonged, above the staircase, it would have tipped him off about Lucard.

Who in their right mind would go outside alone at 3am in a strange country? Let alone a woman. And a pregnant one w/a small child at home, at that? Tsk tsk tsk...

I liked the bit where Gustav slips through time and Sophie sees him for a moment. Nice touch.

Eileen as a vampire hunter? Now THAT'S scary!

I always knew Max was the smartest of the three kids. And I like the rational that the altered reality was trying to correct itself. It presents all sorts of possibilities...

I hate it when the villain does this. He has his victim down for the count (no pun intended) and instead of finishing him off, he stops and explains everything to him/her, giving them ample time to stop him and the thought line to figure out how. I hate it here, as well. WHY would Lucard explain to Gustav and Eileen about the void when there is absolutely no way they could be aware of it? They didn't have a clue before. It reveals that he isn't human, it reveals that he has been attempting to alter reality, and if Gustav is smart, it reveals Lucard's actual identity.

*sigh* Klaus is still as wonderfully batty and unhinged as before.

The Cross of the Magyars brings Lucard and Gustav out of the void and reunites Gustav with the kids. But it is the 90's Lucard and the 70's Gustav that came out. How could the 70's Gustav possibly recognize the kids? And whatever happened to the 90's Gustav?

Best thing about this episode: It almost guarantees more Klaus, and a frustrated, more dangerous Lucard.

Grace G.

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