Outline: Episode #203



1) We open with a night scene in a quiet park. A beautiful female jogger approaches a P.O.V. SHOT (we will play the whole tease from this point of view - and never see whose p.o.v. we are watching). At first, we think the P.O.V. is that of a vampire who is eyeing the jogger as a victim. But it soon becomes evident that things are not as they seem. The P.O.V. stalker becomes the stalked. The jogger, whom we shall know as CASSANDRA, is actually the vampire and she is not working alone. We hear THAT LAUGH and we know her hunting partner is none other than Klaus. They play a little cat and mouse with the P.O.V. victim before mercifully going for the kill. The camera loses focus and we FADE OUT.


2) Gustav's Kitchen. Morning. Uncle Gustav is absorbed in the newspaper. Chris is putting a bowl full of cereal in the freezer (he likes it cold and soggy) and Max is ordering something from the back of a comic book (we establish that Sophie's visiting a girlfriend in Vienna to take in the Mozart festival there). Gustav puts down the paper and asks the boys just how different Lucard's castle seemed after Lucard had altered time. "Quite different." Gustav nods in realization. This newspaper article may explain why. It says that Lucard has been under investigation by a government commission for selling "smart" bomb technology to the terrorist regime in Yeradi. Apparently an unidentified source blew the whistle on Lucard's arms dealings and Lucard has had to go into hiding while the commission delves into his files.

Max doesn't understand how that explains the changes in Lucard's castle. Gustav reasons that the unidentified source is Klaus and that Klaus is now running Lucard's business empire. It is logical to assume that he also moved into the castle, and restyled it to his own garish tastes. Chris is catching on. "So did this happen because Lucard's plan to alter time backfired?" Gustav nods and continues. Lucard's mistake was underestimating how powerful time is. Lucard thought that by not biting Klaus 12 years ago, he would never have had to deal with Gustav. But, time proved to be more powerful than Lucard and arranged events so that Klaus was bitten by another vampire, a vampire that Lucard himself had victimized. So Gustav's destiny would still be intertwined with Lucard's. And, what's worse for Lucard, is that time not only thwarted Lucard's plans, it punished him for attempting to alter it by changing his reality. In this new reality, Klaus is running Lucard Industries and Lucard is in disgrace - probably having a rotten time of things. But Max wants to backtrack a little. "Who is the vampire that bit Klaus?" Gustav cannot tell the boys the truth... that it was their own father. He tells them that they will have to be on guard more than ever. With the dangerous and unpredictable Klaus running the powerful Lucard Industries, anything is possible. And, what's worse, Lucard will be attempting to regain his empire without having to worry about how he goes about doing it... in other words, he will be a lot more dangerous.

3) A hovel. It may be a run-down barn, or a cave or whatever. As long as it is very down and dirty. Lucard has holed up in here. He looks terrible, a glint of madness and desparation in his eyes. He is addressing an, as yet, unseen party. He has a newspaper beside him and occasionally hits it angrily. He rants that Klaus is ruining the empire he spent decades building. He must stop Klaus before it is too late. He yells this at the listener who does not respond. The camera reverses angle and we realize why there is no response. Lucard has been talking to a rat. They stare at each other a moment. A crazed look of hunger registers in Lucard's eyes. Like a frog catching a fly, Lucard's grabs for the rodent. We mercifully fade out on the sound of rat squeals and vampire hisses.

4) The Great Hall. The Castle is now garishly decorated. Klaus strides down the stairs, the beautiful JOGGER from the tease close to his side. This is CASSANDRA, dressed in a painted-on dress that leaves just enough to the imagination. Klaus is giving her the grand tour. He is enormously pleased with himself and gives her every indication that she could share in all this splendour. He has everything he wants. He will spend the rest of his existence in splendour, enjoying death to the fullest. Although she does not communicate the notion to Klaus, Cassandra seems less enthusiastic about leading an idyllic existence.

5) The hovel. Lucard is straining as he pulls something into the hovel. We see that it is an unconscious human victim. He throws the victim into a corner, right beside the the skelton of his little buddy, the rat.

6) Days later. Gustav has some disturbing news. A number of wild animal attacks have been reported lately, near the Paquette Spring. The boys understand the implications. It could be the work of Lucard. The Paquette Spring has a special meaning for Lucard and it would make sense that he has holed up in the area. Gustav has a plan. With Lucard under investigation, perhaps the authorities will no longer be so reluctant to believe that he could be up to anything untoward. This may be his big chance to reveal Dracula's true identity and make certain he never regains his empire. He'll set up a meeting with the government officials who are investigating Lucard's dealings. Meanwhile, he's got a task for the boys. Gustav figures it's time he gave the boys a little more responsibility. He wants them to see if they can locate Lucard's hideout near the Paquette Spring. He tells them to do their searching before sundown, to avoid danger. The boys are thrilled that Gustav has so enough confidence in them to let them work alone.

7) Klaus at the castle. He and Cassandra are having a discussion. She thinks that he should be a little more vigilant. She is certain that Lucard will be gunning for Klaus. Klaus laughs her off. To illustrate her point, she demonstrates to Klaus just how inefficient his zombies are at protecting him from her. She is quite a skilled athlete and easily dispatches the pair of zombies protecting Klaus. She ends her assault at Klaus' neck. Somewhat chastened, he admits her point.

8) Lucard's Office. Several government functionaries are pouring through reams of documents as Gustav enters. He asks one of them for the person in charge of the investigation. At that point, a voice calls to him, "That would be me." Gustav turns and smiles to see a very beautiful woman. What he does not know is that this is Cassandra.



9) Lucard's office: Gustav is having trouble coming around to telling Cassandra that Lucard is the vampire Dracula. He's almost embarrassed to admit it. When he finally blurts it out, Cassandra seems reluctant to believe him, although she does not laugh him off. In fact, she seems quite interested in what Gustav has to say about Lucard and asks him numerous questions.

10) The hovel entranceway : The boys are searching for Lucard's hideout. They've tried several locations and this had better be the last one today since sundown is fast approaching. Chris finds what could be an entrance. He calls to Max. This place looks like a possible hideout. But the sun is setting. Should they risk going in? Once the sun has set, Drac will have his powers. But Max thinks they should go anyway. They have their crosses and holy water. Besides, Uncle Gustav said it was time he gave them more responsibility. Gingerly, they make their way in.

11) The Great Hall: Cassandra and Klaus are enjoying a drink by the fireplace. Cassandra wants to know more about Lucard. Klaus paints a fairly accurate portrayal of Lucard... but it is clear he doesn't approve of Lucard's ways. Cassandra, however, seems to disagree with Klaus' opinion. Klaus is too wrapped up in his own assessment of Lucard to pay her feelings much heed.

12) Inside the Hovel: It is quite dark. Max has his flashlight on but it is beginning to grow dim. The batteries are losing their charge. Chris shakes his head in frustration. They better leave, but just as they start out a hand grabs Max's ankle. Max screams in terror. He turns the dying flashlight onto the face of a zombie, who is barely conscious. Max easily escapes the Zombie's grip but his flashlight reveals 2 other zombies. This must be Lucard's hideout. They decide they better hightail it out but just as they are about to leave there is a noise from outside. It is Lucard. The boys scramble to hide. Lucard enters, dragging another victim. He enters the hovel and stops. He can sense the boys' presence. He looks around in the darkness. We see his P.O.V. He can see in the dark (infrared vision perhaps). He sees the zombies who read very green/blue (i.e. they are cold) In amongst the zombies are two red figures. Chris and Max. But Lucard pays them no heed. Of course the boys are not aware that he can see them. Lucard walks past them and positions himself far enough away that they can escape with thinking he has seen them. They slowly creep off, Lucard watching their every move. We wonder why he allowed them to escape.

13) Back at Gustav's the boys tell Gustav they've found the hovel. What's more, they saw Lucard there, but he didn't see them. Gustav isn't so sure about this but is at a loss to explain why Lucard didn't attack them if he saw them. Perhaps he didn't see them. It's certainly what Gustav would like to believe. It means he now has the proof he needs to convince Cassandra that Lucard is Dracula. He phones her on her cellphone and tells her he has located Lucard. If he meets her at the hideout, not only will she have the man she has been searching for, but she will also have proof that Lucard is in fact Dracula. Cassandra thanks Gustav, and seems much more willing to accept the notion that Lucard is Dracula. She tells him that she needs a few hours to gather a force together to help them trap Lucard. Gustav smiles in triumph. She hangs up and bats out.

14) The Hovel: Lucard is feeding on one of his zombies when he hears a noise. He tenses as Cassandra bats in. He immediately grabs her but she fights him off. She tells him she means no harm and, in fact, may even be able to help him. Lucard looks skeptical, but she is able to convince him using logic and her obvious sensual charms. She tells him that Gustav told her where his hideout and that he plans to converge on the hovel later that night. Lucard is aware of this, in fact he's been hoping that Gustav and the boys would come back. He thanks her for the info and wants to show his appreciation by inviting her over to his side. He advances on her menacingly, but, surprisingly, she willfully submits to his fangs.


15) Outside the Hovel. Gustav and the boys arrive at the prescribed rendez-vous time. But there is no sign of Cassandra or anyone. Things are very creepy and Gustav doesn't like the situation. Something is very wrong. They get the hell out of there as fast as they can. Lucard and Cassandra appear. Things are working out according to plan.


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