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I thought this outline was intriguing in some ways, and bad in others. I mean, Cassandra adds a whole new perspective into the second season. She could possibly be the "significant other" that the Lucard List has discussed before. She betrayed Klaus the instant he told her what Lucard was like, and this shows that she seems to have the same goals Lucard does. This could either be a very good thing or a very bad thing. When a villain in any movie/series/book finds another person exactly like themselves, depending on what the villain is like, he/she/it and this other person end up either teaming up and/or falling in love, or destroying each other. There was a bit of a "flaw" in my opinion, though. Why would Lucard so easily trust someone AND turn them into a vampire? I would have thought that he'd be more reluctant to trust her, and CERTAINLY waited longer to turn her into a vampire. In my humble opinion, he wouldn't just trust her on instant. He might be prompted to listen to her (he was desperate after all) but he wouldn't make her an even greater possible threat by vampirizing her so soon. And also, hadn't Klaus or some other vampire ALREADY turned Cassandra into one of them? If this is the case, why would Lucard do it again? Wouldn't he notice the fact that she "batted" in? It seems rather redundant to re-vamp her (no pun intended) if she's already been made a vampire? Unless it's possibly a vampire-control thing because Lucard wanted to be her master instead of Klaus or whoever...

Angel T.


Well, this is one of those episodes that I could kinda figure out the ending. Poor Klaus, he gets Lucard's empire but it appears as if Cassandra has picked the right vampire to team up with (not that I blame her one bit!). And, an episode without Sophie?

And, again, Lucard has perfect opportunity to kill Max and Chris but he doesn't. We saw this is the first season, and it makes me believe more that Lucard does have some future plans for the boys (or at least Max).

And, had this episode been filmed, I can picture Lucard looking very much like he did in Bad Blood. Poor thing, feeding off of rats (reminds me of Louis--A. Rice).

Susan R.


I have not commented on the other two, but this one just begged a comment... Lucard in a hovel?? It is perfect! Talking to the rat is almost a play on Hamlet talking to the skull. I think that this change of Lucard's character--desperation, things not going his way, are simply delicious. I also would hazard a guess that Lucard is considering enlisting Gustav to aid Lucard in removing Klaus from his position in Lucard industries. That would explain why Lucard let the boys live. The part I liked least was the fact that Lucard would "drag" bodies into his retreat. Surely he could carry them?

Faye L.


I really like the idea of having Lucard live in a hovel, but wouldn't the boys try to save the person Lucard was dragging? I wonder what Cassandra has in mind. Perhaps to take over the empire like the Contessa tried to, eh?



In regards to my comments on the Episode #203-- Which could be called...

"choosing sides" OR "Playing the game"

I like the idea that the ep. portrays more of Klaus in the "hostile Takeover" (there's another title). And that in the end the true 'hero' Lucard, actually does end up winning in the end. The whole episode reminds me of a chess game: players playing with--and against--each other. Until at the very end, Lucard ends up claiming Klaus's so-called 'queen' Cassandra....(i.e.: checkmate!)

Sharon LeAnne M.


I'm really enjoying the darker, "meatier" feel to these episodes. There is still quite a bit of humor, and the final versions could have been as campy as first season, but I also see the potential to be much different.

I'm not sure I can buy the idea of Lucard hiding out in a hovel. True, he's always been rather arrogant, in total control of his situation, and seemingly confident that he's fairly untouchable in his position with his power, but would he truly not have something a bit more luxurious as a hide out? Although, I guess there could be a comment somewhere in the rant that he had to hide out in such poor surroundings in order to keep a close eye on Klaus and what was happening to his empire.

I hope we find out what Cassandra's about. Did she come there at this time by chance? Was she looking for Lucard and found Klaus in charge instead? I can't blame her for throwing in with Lucard, even in the state he's in, rather than stick with Klaus. Klaus surely picked up some business sense from the years he spent with Lucard, but I can't see him having the ability to control everything for long. Klaus is too concerned with his own pleasure to make a good executive.

Hmmm... and what is Lucard up to... collecting zombies and letting Gustav and the boys find his hideout?


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