Luxembourg City Sites Overview Map

Here are all the "Dracula" sites I found in Luxembourg City. This imagemap is intended to help you visualize the various sites' proximity to each other and get an overall idea of where things are in the city. Each red-dotted site is identified below, with its real-life name included in parentheses.

  1. Lucard Industries (European Hemicycle).
  2. The American Embassy from "Children of the Night" (Municipal Theatre).
  3. The archeological dig from "Double Darkness" (area behind Les Trois Glands).
  4. Les Trois Glands, site seen in "Children of the Night;" vampire movie location in "What a Pleasant Surprise!" and site where Fredrick Rilling stakes the opera singer in "My Fair Vampire."
  5. The old people's home from "My Fair Vampire" (Pescatore Foundation old people's home).
  6. The arch under which Lucard picks up Mycroft Tickler in "The Great Tickler."
  7. Café Faux, site of Chris and Sophie's date in "The Boffin" and Tickler's preformance in "The Great Tickler" (Brasserie Mansfeld).
  8. The MacCallum Research Centre, where Magnus St. John-Smythe and his assistant Malcolm blow down the doors in "The Great Tickler" (one of the Mousel brewery buildings).
  9. Place where Lucard's castle dungeon scenes were filmed (inside the Bock Casemates).
  10. Spot from which Lucard looks over the Grund, then transforms into a bat and takes off, in the "A Little Nightmare Music" teaser.
  11. The new location of Librairie Clees-Meunier, Lawrence Lei's bookshop from "Bats in the Attic."
  12. Square where Klaus and Eileen walk in "Klaus Encounters of the Interred Kind" (Place Guillaume II, a.k.a. "Knuedeler").
  13. The Helsing family church, from "Decline of the Romanian Vampire" (St. John's Church).
  14. Place where Lucard has his photo taken by the street artist in the "A Little Nightmare Music" teaser (Cercle Munster).
  15. The Café des Artistes, where Sophie and Vincent go on a date in "Bad Blood."
  16. Fat Eddie's American Rock 'n' Roll Shack, and the outdoor café where Sophie and the Contessa/the Contessa and Giselle eat in "A Little Nightmare Music" (Scott's pub--inside and outside).
  17. The Helsing family crypt where Klaus is trapped in "Black Sheep" and "Decline of the Romanian Vampire" (former beer cellars of a 15th Century brewery, hewn into the Bisserweg cliff).
  18. Klaus's and Gustav's "sunglasses at night" rendez-vous location from "Black Sheep."

Note: Lucard's castle and the "I Love Lucard" spot at the airport aren't on the map because they are not in Luxembourg City.

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