Lucard Trivia Answers

Set One (episode: Children of the Night):
Question #1: Lucard finds poppy seeds irresistible.
Question #2: Geordie Johnson grew up in Alberta, Canada.
Set Two (episode: Double Cross):
Question #1: Saint Varma crafted the Cross of the Magyars.
Question #2: Lucard's limosine is a Mercedes.
Set Three (episode: The Vampire Solution):
Question #1: The key ingredient of the quinidrine solution is the leaves of the philemon tree.
Question #2: Lucard uses the rook as a decorative motif.
Set Four (episode: The Boffin):
Question #1: Lucard destroys St. John-Smythe's vampire gun by throwing it into the fireplace.
Question #2: Lucard wears a ring on the ring finger of his right hand.
Set Five (episode: Double Darkness):
Question #1: Nosferatu appears as Gustav, himself, and Max.
Question #2: Gustav's car is red.
Set Six (episode: Black Sheep):
Question #3: Klaus been a vampire for 13 years.
Question #4: Lucard has an exercise bicycle in his office. He also has a punching bag and weight machine, but he is never seen using them.
Set Seven (episode: What a Pleasant Surprise!):
Question #1: Jonas Carey did not know that vampires cannot be photographed.
Question #2: Max and Chris are from Philadelphia.
Set Eight (episode: Damsel in Distress):
Question #3: Gustav destroys the portriat Van Gogh painted of Lucard.
Question #4: Black and white scenes appear in "I Love Lucard," "Bad Blood," and "What a Pleasant Surprise!"
Set Nine (episode: Mind Over Matter):
Question #1: Lucard eats popcorn while watching Gustav on TV.
Question #2: Gustav is writing to Anna Dyson when he receives Lana Zorro's automatic handwriting call for help.
Set Ten (episode: A Little Nightmare Music):
Question #1: Chris sings that "Love is like ..." c) a factory. ("Love is like a factory / Pourin' out your smoke to me")
Question #2: George's two last names were Malkovich and Vladpallin.
Set Eleven (episode: Get A Job):
Question #1: The Tomassi painting that Julia Heisenberg tries to sell Lucard is the "Venice Landfall."
Question #2: Gustav is often troubled by a bad back.
Set Twelve (episode: The Great Tickler):
Question #1: Lucard just had to have a shrinking room.
Question #2: Chris is sixteen years old.
Set Thirteen (episode: Bad Blood):
Question #1: Max puts his backpack (or jacket?) under Lucard's head as he lays dying.
Question #2: Dr. Varney carries a doctor's bag, a pistol, and a cane.
Set Fourteen (episode: Sophie, Queen of the Night):
Question #1: Lucard rewards Peter by staking him.
Question #2: Lucard's castle is pictured on the postcard.
Set Fifteen (episode: My Girlfriend's Back and There's Gonna Be Trouble):
Question #1: Ted Singleton calls Lucard "Al."
Question #2: The sign says "GIVE BLOOD."
Set Sixteen (episode: My Fair Vampire):
Question #1: Things Amber Santana does to try Lucard's patience: 1) She sings dreadfully while lying on his desk, 2) She breaks both of the priceless statuettes in his office, 3) She calls his dinner "gross," 4) She digs into the candy box, and then asks for caramel nougat, 4) She messes up the latin phrase he tried to teach her, 5) She asks if Pygmalion is a planet, 6) She suggests they will get a "buzz" when he is teaching her how to appreciate fine wine, chugs down the wine and asks if it is any good, then asks if he has ever tried apple cider.
Question #2: Lucard throws or drops dishes in "My Fair Vampire," "I Love Lucard" and "My Dinner With Lucard."
Set Seventeen (episode: Decline of the Romanian Vampire):
Question #1: Klaus is in the form of a pile of ash when Max first finds him.
Question #2: Gustav was a University professor.
Set Eighteen (episode: I Love Lucard):
Question #1: Lucard's casual outfit consists of a black turtleneck, black slacks, and a black blazer.
Question #2: In the last scene of "I Love Lucard," we see Lucard's reflection in the tray.
Set Nineteen (episode: Bats in the Attic):
Question #1: The Cross of the Magyars didn't work on Lawrence Lei because Max invited him into the house.
Question #2: Lucard uses a silver nail and a hammer to seal Lawrence/Alfred in his coffin.
Set Twenty (episode: My Dinner with Lucard):
Question #1: Eating schnitzel late at night caused Gustav to have the nightmare.
Question #2: Lucard's dining room table is coffin-shaped.
Set Twenty-One (episode: Klaus Encounters of the Interred Kind):
Question #1: The entrance to Lucard's refuge is located behind his fire-place.
Question #2: Gustav communicates with the others by telephone and tells Eileen that Sophie must go with the Townsend family when they go back to Philadelphia, and that he's left something for Max in his desk.

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